How eye color totally transformed the way these celebrities look

Kylie Jenner


Eye color is such a minor
trait, you may not think it would really affect the way someone looks too
much. Sure, eye color is something others take note of, but usually only
if the hue is quite striking — otherwise it’s something that goes largely
unnoticed. But as it turns out, it can totally transform the way someone looks,
and the following celebrities are proof of that. 
Most stars are known for
switching up their looks — dying and/or cutting their hair, trying out a new
style when it comes to their clothing, even getting plastic surgery — so it’s not
exactly surprising that they would be open to playing around with their eye
color as well. Some A-listers have tried out colored contacts, and it’s always
interesting to see when they do. A new color can make someone look like a
completely different person, and the results are pretty shocking. Take a look
at the celebrities who totally transformed their look by changing their eye
Selena Gomez was almost
unrecognizable when she changed up her eye color

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez doesn’t often
change up her signature look very drastically, so it was surprising to see the
star looking quite different when she wore colored contacts to an event. In
2015, Gomez’s makeup artist Hung Vango posted an Instagram photo of the singer
wearing gray/blue contact lenses that left fans pretty shocked. As it turns
out, she was wearing them to attend the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.
So what made Gomez decide to
try them out? She told E! News that she was inspired by Adriana Lima, saying,
“I’m a huge fan of hers and I geeked out in front of her today. I wanted
to feel like a Victoria’s Secret Angel.” It appears she may have also
tried out blue contacts at another event in 2015 — Vango posted an Instagram
photo of Gomez with eyes that looked a lot lighter than her normal dark brown.
They definitely give her a different look! 
Paris Hilton always keeps
colored contacts in

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton has been famous
for a long time, but it’s quite possible that you’ve actually never seen the
star’s natural eye color — she always wears colored contacts. In fact, Hilton
wears her blue contacts so often that she actually looks different with her
natural brown eyes. You can see them in an Instagram photo she posted from when
she was 13-years-old. In most other photos of Hilton, you’ll notice her eyes
are a light blue or sometimes dark blue, in the case of this Instagram
So why is she so committed to
the blue-eyed look? Hilton hasn’t publicly talked about her eye color swap, so we
can’t be sure. But it might actually be affecting her eye health. In 2007, an
anonymous source told Page Six that Hilton’s tinted contacts were drying out
her eyes, saying, “She’s ignoring her doctors’ orders to not wear her
tinted contacts.” Nonetheless, her peepers appear to be going
Ivanka Trump also looks quite
different with her natural eye color

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump is another
celebrity heiress who is committed to wearing blue contacts to cover up her
natural brown eyes. Like Hilton, it’s hard to find a photo of Trump without her
lighter contact lenses. The blue/green contacts definitely give her a different
look. In 2016, Esquire was one of the first outlets to point this out, showing
photos of Trump with dark brown eyes compared to photos of her with light blue
eyes and others of her with eyes that looked a little more green. 
It also seems like Trump has
been playing around with colored contacts for a long time. The Huffington Post
has a whole article full of pictures of Trump’s eyes — a picture from all the
way back in 1998 shows the star with eyes that are definitely not brown, as
compared to photos of her darker eyes when she was a child. Trump hasn’t spoken
about her colored contacts, and although Esquire reached out to her reps
about them, it appears they did not get a response. 
Robert Pattinson looked
strikingly different in Twilight because of his eye color

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson is one
celebrity who didn’t just try out colored contacts for fun — instead, he had to
wear them for his role as Edward Cullen in the Twilight movies. Since Pattinson
played a vampire, he had to look the part, and that included wearing contacts
that look amber or red, depending on the light. And, as it turns out, he really
did not enjoy wearing them. 
In an interview with
Entertainment Weekly, Pattinson said, “My God, I’ll be glad to see the
last of those. I actually want to get some kind of plastic explosive. I want to
reanimate them into something so I can kill them.” He also explained that
he had trouble putting them in his eye, saying, “It’s so embarrassing for
me — after so many years, it’s still a process every single morning. Everybody
else has figured out how to do it, and then there’s two people holding me down
because I can’t do it myself.” At least he’s done with that role and
doesn’t have to wear them ever again! 
Nina Dobrev takes on a new
look with lighter contacts

Nina Dobrev

Nina Dobrev is known for her
dark hair and dark eyes, but she decided to switch things up a bit when she
partnered with Alcon Air Optix, a line of colored contacts, in 2014. The star
began to show off different eye colors, but her favorite appeared to be a light
blue/green color that actually makes her look a little younger. 
And she’s definitely not
afraid to try out new shades! In an interview with Teen Vogue, she said,
“Today, I’ve worn four different shades of color contacts. What’s funny is
it doesn’t seem like a big change.” She added that she was a little hesitant
about trying them in the beginning, but added, “So I tried them out and
they were really subtle. People can’t tell for the most part!” She said
that she loves how they make a “bold statement” and that she can also
use them to just “enhance a certain eye color,” adding, “it’s
Paris Jackson looks a lot more
grown up with darker eyes

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is one of the
few celebrities out there who decided to change up her eye color by going from
light blue to darker brown. In fact, Jackson’s natural eye color — a light, icy
blue — is similar to contacts worn by Jenner and West. So fans were pretty
surprised when Jackson showed off a darker eye color in May 2018. Teen Vogue
reported that she wore them to attend the Dior Cruise 2019 show in Chantilly, France.
Jackson’s makeup artist Jo Baker posted a photo on Instagram of Jackson looking
notably different with golden brown eyes and a softer makeup look than she
normally wears. 
As Baker once revealed to Teen
Vogue, Jackson has a rare eye condition that causes her eyes to be as light as
they naturally are. Still, the icy blue is usually quite striking, and really
stands out. Her darker eye color definitely made her look a little older and
more subdued. 
Kylie Jenner looks totally
different with blue contacts

Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is no stranger to
changing her physical appearance. She’s tried out basically every hair color
imaginable, she is constantly going from extensions to wigs to her natural hair
length, and she’s not afraid to show off some bold makeup looks. Fans are so
used to her being a beauty and style chameleon that it’s hard for her to do
anything shocking anymore. But one of the most surprising transformations
Jenner went through was definitely when she wore colored contacts.
Jenner has snapped a few
photos of herself wearing colored contacts, and they always make her look like
a different person. She usually wears a pair that are super light blue,
almost a gray-ish color. The very light shade is a big difference from her natural
brown/hazel eyes, and creates a stark contrast to her darker features. So why
does she do it? In one Instagram photo, she explained simply, “For
fun.” Makes sense!
Kim Kardashian has tried out a
few different colors

Kim Kardashian

Jenner isn’t the only member
of her family to play around with different eye colors. Kim Kardashian does the
same thing, and has been photographed wearing two different colored contacts
before. In one Instagram shot, Kardashian almost looks unrecognizable wearing a
pair of very light blue/gray contacts — she almost looks more like Megan Fox
than herself! 
Kardashian has also been known
to wear amber-colored contacts to some big events in the past. For the 2018 Met
Gala, Kardashian showed up in a gold dress with striking amber contacts that
really stood out. In a post on her app (via Allure), Kardashian explained that
she wanted her “glam” to complement her “’90s-inspired gold
Versace dress.” She worked with her makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic to
come up with her bronze smokey eye and contact combo. She wrote, “We chose
honey-colored contacts that weren’t too far off from my natural eye color, just
a bit brighter. We can sometimes achieve this color when I wear a golden
eyeliner and the lighting is right, but I wanted to really go for it on the red
Kanye West looks like a new
man in icy blue contacts

Kanye West

Kardashian’s love for colored
contacts may have worn off on her husband — Kanye West has been spotted wearing
icy blue contacts a few times. Us Weekly reported that in 2016, he showed up
the Manus x Machina Met Gala wearing the contacts, which give a slightly creepy
effect, with a crystal-embellished Balmain jacket that almost matched them.
It’s easy to chalk up the reason why to fashion, but it wasn’t the first time
West had worn them out. In 2015, Kardashian posted an Instagram photo of West
with the contacts on with the caption, “Wolves.”
West also wore similar
contacts when he appeared on Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary
Special where he performed his song “Wolves” — that caption suddenly
makes a lot of sense! Optometrist Mitch Cassel told People (via Splinter News)
that the look was totally intentional, saying: “He just wanted to have his
eyes to be more like a wolf — something that would pop and be more
identifiable, something different. But he didn’t want it to look too

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