How to Pack a Suit

Ditch the clunky suit bag and pack your suit in your suitcase

Written by Jonathan Miller

We’ve all been there. You’re packing for a work trip that morphs into a boys trip by the weekend. You’ll wear your suit for the first leg of the trip but, how on earth do you pack it in your carry-on when you’re done with it? Yes, you know all the tricks when it comes to rolling versus folding; you’ve dabbled in packing cubes and, thanks to our helpful guide (insert link), you know how to properly fold a shirt., Unfortunately, but none of these seem applicable to a suit. Well, don’t you worry.  We’ve created a foolproof guide to packing your favorite suit that will ensure it comes out of the bag just as pristine as it went in. Here we go. 

Let’s start with the jacket…

Put your hands in the jacket shoulders so that the jacket lining is facing you

Fold the whole jacket in half so that your hands meet as the shoulders touch 

Turn one shoulder inside out over the other shoulder. The lining should be facing out. 

Put jacket to the side

Enter the pants…

Hold both pant legs in one hand, upside down, to find the natural crease of the pants 

Lay the pants down along their natural crease

The finale…

Now, take your already-folded jacket and place it across the middle of the pants perpendicularly

Fold one side of the pants over the jacket in the middle and then the other. 

If needed, fold your suit jacket around the pants. You should have a little suit package that can be placed right into your suitcase. 

Pro tip: If you have access to dry-cleaning plastic, place the folded suit jacket in the plastic liner and wrap the excess around it before folding the pants around the jacket.  Now you’re all set to hit the road. Just don’t forget your socks (link).

Jonathan Miller

Kayode Ojo
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