How to Upgrade Your Bedroom Style

It’s time to let go of the superhero sheets

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Written by Jacob Sigala

Your bedroom is your escape from the world, your cave of solitude–it’s the place you tell all your secrets to (Beach Boys, anyone?). However, unless it’s truly a cave of solitude that’s miles away from civilization, you are likely to have the occasional visitor. Much like your outfit is the world’s first impression of you, your abode is an even deeper, more personal impression.  You want your place to be a reflection of your personality (in the most stylish of ways, of course). Though tastes will vary depending on what you like, we compiled a list of things to keep in mind when putting your room together.

Make it Personal

You’ll find plenty of inspiration out there. On Pinterest alone, a “men’s bedroom” search will return thousands of images of cool rooms. There’s one issue with them, though. They are someone else’s vision. Try not to look at these rooms to copy and paste into yours. Instead, pay attention to what it is you really like about them. Odds are they’re full of ridiculously expensive items anyway. Did you like the heavy shag rug in the picture, or just the fact that there’s some nice texture? Did you like the one-of-a-kind painting hanging on the wall over the bed, or do you just want some type of wall art? Look at the pieces that are present in these inspiration pictures, work with their layout, and find pieces of each puzzle that best reflect you. For an added touch, display personal articles, like photographs, your antique camera collection, or your instruments.

how to decorate your bedroom personal

Keep it Simple

The fact that you’re decorating your own place already implies that you’re fairly independent. You’re in a place in life where you know what you want, you have a clear vision of how to get it, and you’re acting on it. The last thing you want to do is take away from this impression of you. A cluttered room with no direction would do just that. In terms of color, choose a color palette with at most 4 colors, with the majority of them being neutral.

how to decorate your bedroom simple

Think Functional

Work with pieces that will help you stay organized and make your life easier. The right night stand can double as a bookshelf, the coolest lamps will subtly do double-duty as a phone charger, the best kind of drapes will keep all light out and help you sleep. Think about the lighting, too–namely, the light you want to let in during the day, and how you want your place to look at night. The latest light bulbs will even allow you to control your lights via your phone (or just a dimmer switch).  Consider the items that people won’t see as well, like a rolling shoe rack under your bed.  There can be more to your bedroom furniture than meets the eye.

how to decorate your bedroom functional

The Basics:

Sure, some of these are more obvious than others, but on top of being a great starting point, having these items in tow will certainly help your place look more composed and less barren. Consider your company when working some of these into your room; think two night stands, enough pillows, and some entertainment.

Nightstand: We’re not talking about a folding chair or stool next to your bed, either. This night stand will serve as a place for your essentials and will, ideally, have drawers. Consider having two nightstands also, for balance and just in case you have company…

Rug: You’ve probably heard it before, but rugs really do bring a room together. They fill empty space, add dimension, and are simply very decorative.

Bookshelf: You don’t need to have an encyclopedia collection, but do have a proper place to store your books instead leaving them strewn all over your desk.

Desk: This one isn’t necessary if you have an office, but if that office is your room, having a desk is important. You want to keep the place you sleep separate from the place you do your work. A desk (or even a cool lounge chair) will help you do just that.

Wall Art: These don’t have to strictly be praise-worthy works of art, but they should be an upgrade from your pin-up posters. Think in terms of photo prints, vintage signs, or contemporary art.

Mirror: You’ll think having one in your bathroom is enough, until you add one to your room.

Above all, make sure you’re comfortable in your space. You might not spend as much time in it as you do behind your desk at work, but the time you do spend in it should be a pleasant and personal experience that helps show off who you are.

Jacob Sigala

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.