A Love Torn by Belief
Seeing two people in love is one of the most beautiful thing in life. But seeing a love relationship get torn by differences in beliefs is a tragedy in itself.
Two individuals with different backgrounds are attracted to each other. They fall in love believing to get from the other what each feel missing in themselves. The dating starts – the getting to know each other. In-between opening the pages of the other, they allow pecks, kisses, and surface or deep fondling. Sex may happen too, bonding them. Then, the further they open the pages of their individual selves in ‘knowing the other’, they find one or more pages or even an entire chapter of their lives where disagreement sets in.
Belief is chief of these. He believes in these but she doesn’t. She believes in that, and he doesn’t. One of them claim correctness to his or her own belief. And as one tries to win the other to his or her belief, conflict sets in. Irreconcilable differences. Love is torn. Both go their way.
You may have had this experience or know someone who has. Personal beliefs are strong points in the lives of people who want to be in a relationship or spend the rest of their lives together. Religious beliefs sit above the list of beliefs a person has.
And tolerance for the belief of your partner isn’t a protection against conflict of beliefs because if, in the case of marriage, both of you must live as one, you must share your beliefs to a degree where mere tolerance is nonexistent. Except the marriage is a contract, then tolerance for the other’s belief may be an important element of the relationship.
If there are differences of beliefs and the relationship must go on, then one of you would have to win the other to your beliefs. This happens when one of you cherish your religious beliefs and define almost all aspects of your life in reference to your belief. If the both of you are irreligious, though you still have ‘moral beliefs’, love can exist despite little differences.
It is good to have the belief factor cleared out as you work for a serious relationship or one that may end in marriage. A man can kill his wife if she wants him to join her in prayer to a Jesus he doesn’t believe in. And a woman can poison a man if he calls the Virgin Mary a whore because her son Jesus had no father.

Victor Negro
Victor Negro is an author, screenwriter, and personal development specialist. He is the founder of Evolving Minds Training and Consulting through which he offers products and counseling services on self-improvement, capacity building, and mind science. He writes on matters of life and existence as he thinks, preferring a better understanding of common questions. Read his interesting and thought provoking pieces at