Your Fears Don’t Exist
The definition that fear is false evidence appearing real is quite apt. Your fears don’t exist. If you realize this, you will reassess the many excuses you have made for not taking important steps of your life. I had a number of situations proving that your fears don’t exist.
Months ago, I wanted to offer my first screenwriting class to teach people how to write for television. I hesitated in its execution because I created fear in my mind without realizing it. How did it happen? There’s a friend on Facebook who was also a screenwriter and she filled her timeline with short facts and tutorials on screenwriting which she used to announce her skills and probably get someone to hire her. I thought I wasn’t doing just as she was doing since I am also a screenwriter and that kind of made me feel a bit inadequate. My timeline was for more philosophical and existential thoughts. This lady had a larger than life image on her profile picture.
One day I met this lady in person because she needed something from me. I was shocked to see that I was “taller” than her.
You mean this is the figure I “personalized” my fear on? That broke it. Days later I threw out information for the class, got people enrolled and gave out a great one-week class. The second class ended some weeks ago.
Have this in mind: we “personalize” our fears often in people, and that makes the fears seem real, which actually is not. We care about what they will say and do or how they will look at you. None of them matter. Their words, actions, and stare are no powerful than your dirty cloth.
Just pull it off and wash it out.
Your fears do not exist. Take action on your goals. Make your moves and don’t get paralyzed by
fears which your mind designed.

Victor Negro
Victor Negro is an author, screenwriter, and personal development specialist. He is the founder of Evolving Minds Training and Consulting through which he offers products and counseling services on self-improvement, capacity building, and mind science. He writes on matters of life and existence as he thinks, preferring a better understanding of common questions. Read his interesting and thought provoking pieces at