Does Hell Exist?
Picture this: a realm dark and sultry with a putrid stench where damned souls burn in the flames of an unquenchable fire, tormented by ugly demons and fierce monsters; day and night, forever. This is what we are told of a place called hell. This is what religion tell us hell is.
The hell fear factor has succeeded for more than 500 years to force obedience to dogma from religious people. While the desire to go to ‘heaven’ is at the back of the minds of religious people, the need to escape hell is at the ‘front’ of their minds, through which all their conducts are sincerely or insincerely enforced. Christians, for example, believe in the reality of hell more than in heaven and this is because their preachers emphasize more on the subject of hell when the doctrine of sin and the afterlife is being addressed. They make commentaries on hell and its nature from what the bible says of it, from what they discern of the fierce judgmental character of the biblical God, and from pictures created in their imagination of what hell could look like. The doctrine of hell and of the devil has so far been the roots of the Christian religion. Take hell and the devil away and Christianity ceases to exist.
But does hell exist?
Is there is region somewhere in the earth where an eternal fire burns, somewhere where sinful souls are tortured and tormented for not loving God and living righteously? Is hell a spiritual place?
Hell exists, but not as you think. The existence of hell is natural in the Universal Construct. Hell cannot not exist.
I am going to make this understandable but first it should be noted that knowledge is best ‘certified’ by experience and not by assumption. Experiencing something aids in knowing it. This in no way imply that the author has been to or came from hell, but that certain experiences point to the existence of a place that fits into the name of hell. A lot of extrasensory perceptions and actual sightings through dreams and intuition teach those who are attentive enough to the reality of an otherworldly realm with such hellish nature as fits to what people hitherto believe of hell. This realm has its own space, its own structures, its own atmosphere, and is peopled by a variety of forms.
One of the ways life teaches us truths and the nature of things is true examples. An example that points to a hellish region is the construct of society. Every society has its peculiar design but one thing of common to every society is how waste is processed. To aid the continuation of life, wastes have to be processed to allow new forms keep life healthy and in a progressive cycle, otherwise people would become choked on wastes. There are wastelands where refuse are destroyed or recycled. Every society has wastelands and no society can live without one.
Wastelands ensure that societies are kept tidied and healthy. And life allows for a recycling where everything is recycled to keep everything in continual motion.
In the universe there are also wastelands. These regions where the refuse and filths of creation are discarded and recycled are not physical places. They are spiritual and the basic nature of everything thrown there are spirit or energy materials. The basic nature of everything in the Creations is energy and spirit is the most basic form of energy, invisible yet felt. All creatures are spirit in their most basic form. All intelligent creatures evolve from unconscious spirits to conscious spirits through their experience in life and through their play with the creative power which exists in the universe. In the universe there exists a Power behind all that is. This Power is neither good nor evil.
From the first time life appeared on the universe, everything courses in progressive motions, everything evolves from its most basic form to advanced forms. The natural movement in life is forward movement, that’s why rivers don’t flow backwards. Nothing stands still in life. It either moves in a natural progressive motion or suffers a consequential regressive motion for being static or not evolving. That which doesn’t evolve into progressive forms must, as a consequence, degenerate. And in both cases of evolution and degeneration the same Power impresses itself on such state. That which progresses obtains from the Power. And that which regresses also obtains from the same Power. One towards life, the other towards death. Hell is the underground, the cesspit of the universe, where degenerate energy and spirits forms are naturally regressed to for a destruction that turns them into new life forms. The system of life naturally sieves these corrupt forms and designates them for recycling.
Humans are a life form. An intelligent life form. Humans share intelligence with diverse other life forms across the universe. Through the conscious and unconscious use of the Power coursing through all life forms, humans evolve or regress, ultimately determining their eternal fate. Through imagination, thoughts, words, and actions, every individual works with the Power to determine his or her fate. One works his fate to the heavens and higher regions of the creations while another damns his or herself into the hells of life. The demons of the hells are souls of earthly and non-earthly human spirits suffering further degeneration.
Hell exists as a result of a natural separation of creatures that evolve and those that deform. Hell is the slum of the universe, the wasteland where degenerate creatures experience further degeneration until their essence is erased out of existence.
Just like on earth where there are many wastelands located about, there are more than one hellish regions, the closet one being under you.
Once you’re born into existence, you begin a journey of survival, to live or to die. Life and death here is not in the temporal sense but the eternal. To live through time or to die through time. As it is, you are standing on a sieve. Through right play with the Power, you build yourself into a heavyweight and withstand the pull below the sieve for those that are empty. You stay in heaven or you go to hell.
Victor Negro
Victor Negro is an author, screenwriter, and personal development specialist. He is the founder of Evolving Minds Training and Consulting through which he offers products and counseling services on self-improvement, capacity building, and mind science. He writes on matters of life and existence as he thinks, preferring a better understanding of common questions. Read his interesting and thought provoking pieces at