The Ejaculation: A True Event from an Untrue Event of a Boy Who Impregnated 16 Girls in A Pool.
Some time ago, a story made rounds on the internet about a boy who “mistakenly” ejaculated inside a pool, getting 16 teenage girls pregnant. How did it happen?
According to the story, a pool party was on, put up by one of the girls. The pool was quite large to take in more than 20 swimmers at a time. While the girls and some boys enjoyed the water, the boy in question, by unexplained chemistry of his body, had mistakenly ejaculated into the water.
If there was an element of truth in the story, it would be that by gazing on the bikini-clad supple bodies of those teenage girls, the boy got his mind worked up playing possible scenarios of sleeping with one or more of the girls. That way, he could reach orgasm in his mind and ejaculate into the water.
There is no proof that this incidence happened, where the ejaculation of a boy got girls pregnant, though the chances of the boy jacking himself off and ejaculating, because he had lewd thoughts of himself and the girls, cannot be ruled out. It is not possible that sperm should survive underwater and find its way into the vaginas of girls. Sperm are good swimmers only in the body of the female. Inside water, they will be killed by water-based chemicals like chlorine.
As ludicrous as this story is, it brings to mind a grander occurrence taking place in life. Call it Cosmic Ejaculation if you will and the idea of it won’t be divorced from the term itself.
There is a Power in the Universe regulating everything in life from birth to death, times and seasons, and the evolution of human civilization by creating and recreating things into improved and better forms. This Power, just like it ensures that rain falls onto the earth and that all fertile grounds should sprout whatever potential seed dwells in them, this Power also ensures that there is a constant outpouring of creative energy, creative substance, to the minds who are fertile enough to receive it. Call it the Blessing of God if you like.
Every human mind is both a receiver and a transmitter. We send out thoughts and we receive thoughts. We receive thoughts not only from other humans and animals alone; we receive thoughts from the Source of Life to which we are all connected. These thoughts transmitted to us are creative energies with templates for the next generation of human progress. They carry ideas in them and the power to bring such ideas into form for the person who allows himself to be pregnant with such ideas.
Not every human is tuned up to this transmission from The Power, and many who are blessed to receive progressive ideas never allow themselves to get pregnant with it long enough to deliver its form to the world. Why is that? It is because to become pregnant with an idea is as laborious as a woman being pregnant and living through nine months to have her child born. It is not easy to work upon ideas through mental incubation, brainstorming, designing and planning. It is hard to think!
Everyday people see ideas of how something can function better and how better it can look, but they don’t think about this. They have so many excuses of why not to.
Some manage to get pregnant with the idea only to abort it later because they gave themselves compelling argument for why their idea-form cannot be delivered, or they succumbed to pressure.
The creative harvest is plenty but the creative laborers are few. Especially in this part of the world where we have few people willing to explore the creative faculty of their minds. These ones don’t understand that creative collaboration with The Power can make them birth things that improve life for us and take us further on the bar of progress.
Like a fountain which is ever constant in its supply of water, and like rain, which comes in its season, creative energies are always sent into creation for minds opened to receive and be pregnant with new ideas. Those who receive and run with it turn out to be the change-makers’ society takes note of.
There is no idea that you seek for a problem that is not available now, flowing in the idea-space of the Universe. You only have to make the intention to receive one and keep your mind open for it. When you get it, work on it. Think about it.
Write it out. Brainstorm on it. Feed it your concentrated imagination and focused action. Become pregnant with it and take not your care and nurturing away from it until you have delivered it for the world to see.
Victor Negro
Victor Negro is an author, screenwriter, and personal development specialist. He is the founder of Evolving Minds Training and Consulting through which he offers products and counseling services on self-improvement, capacity building, and mind science. He writes on matters of life and existence as he thinks, preferring a better understanding of common questions. Read his interesting and thought provoking pieces at