All around the world, the hearts of lovers are melting to the tunes and vibrations of lovely words
and from the rush of feelings. It’s Valentine’s Day; what else do you expect?
Married folks, courting lovers, and those prospecting opposite partners will use the occasion of the day to express their love. And of course, the motions of intimacy will lead many to the bed for the greatest activity of humanity. It’s Valentine’s Day!
A lot of condemnation and expectations announce February 14th. Some people had expectations of earning the heart of a lover or of breaking one, and Valentine’s Day offers an ideal setting to win a lover and a sad one to lose one.
The ‘judgementalists’ and ‘holy freaks’ condemn the sexual permissiveness that characterize Valentine’s Day as a perversion of what Valentine’s Day stands for, imagining how everywhere in the world someone is having sex with someone just because it is February 14th. Their argument is that these marathon sexcapades and lots of pregnancies and abortions that result from February 14th are the facts which give the day a bad reputation.
But these same people who condemn it are doing, or wishing, to do the very same Red Sex, maybe not on Valentine’s Day.
So, I ask: is Valentine’s Day is a perversion? No. It is what it is: a day of love between families, friends, and lovers. Love expresses itself in different levels. Within families, it strengthens bonds and is displayed through family get-togethers and through gifting. It does the same things between friends. And between lovers, beyond gifting and caring, the highest level love can get to is sex.
Valentine’s Day has a history. There are different accounts on the history of Valentine’s Day but its central character is a priest known as Valentine and later made a saint. One account said in the 3rd century a Roman emperor outlawed marriage for young single men so that they can serve in the military. Valentine defied the order and secretly conducted weddings for young couples and was jailed. Another account said Valentine was imprisoned for some offences against the Roman empire and from his prison he wrote series of letters to a young girl he was secretly in love with, possibly the jailor’s daughter. His letters to her always ended with “From your Valentine”. Years later, Valentine became a saint and yearly activities were had around his name. Later, it is said, the Roman empire blended St. Valentine’s Day with a celebration in which the founding gods of Rome were worshipped. Years later, the festival to the gods were abolished and Valentine’s Day was re-interpreted to mean the day when birds were mating and this added to the idea of the day being one for romance.
Through the years down to the modern era, Valentine’s Day has been an occasion of love and sex. And no one can pretend it hasn’t been so. The day has taken a definition of its own.
So, seeing how Valentine’s Day has progressed through time, it is only a waste of time to argue against it has been an occasion of sexcapades. Apart from celebrants who are not sexually connected, lovers who indulge in the day feel the necessity to indulge in sex. Everything points to it. The gifting, the pervasive red colors and attendant symbols, the flowers, delectable, and the sensual music that characterize the day – all point to the highest of all human activities. Sex.
In what manner this sexual rite is performed is left to people to give their own explanation. Even serious religious folks who indulge in it point to Valentine’s Day as why they did it.
Valentine’s Day is not a perversion. It is what the day is, a day of romance and affection. A day when the notion of love and sex is idolized. However, the actions of people, their carelessness, folly, and the unwise decisions made on February 14ths give the day a bad name. St. Valentine look down from heaven with a smug and says “what’s my own”?!
Have a sexy Valentine’s Day!
Victor Negro
Victor Negro is an author, screenwriter, and personal development specialist. He is the founder of Evolving Minds Training and Consulting through which he offers products and counseling services on self-improvement, capacity building, and mind science. He writes on matters of life and existence as he thinks, preferring a better understanding of common questions. Read his interesting and thought provoking pieces at