It’s another Halloween,
Freddy wakes up, feeling eager like is Christians do on Christmas,
He wasn’t born a Celt or even had the Celtic belief of Halloween, 
People say he is a loner and keeps to himself,
To others he is just the nerdy librarian,
But the truth is, he’s a devils incarnate,
If the devil had a time off, Freddy could be his replacement.
He lives on the outer part of town,
Where his deeds could never be traced.
He opens his vault choosing his weapon,
This isn’t a movie, its reality to him,
He brings movie acts into reality,
To him it’s another anniversary,
His knife coated with blood of his last victim.
He has no new location to source victims,
The neighborhood avoids the park,
He seats down thinking,
Suddenly a knock on the door,
Pondering who was there,
A female voice answered, I need help,
Freddy looks at the mirror with a grimace smile.

Purple Butterfly.🦋

Edward Imasuen
Imasuen Edward A. also known as EddyFlames with the signature – #PurpleButterfly is a Banker whose passion for writing started at a very young age. He writes directly from his heart and He hopes to make the world a better place with his artistic talents.