Makeup mistakes that fade your face


There are few things as
frustrating as applying a full face of makeup, only to have it fade just a few
hours later. There are many reasons why your makeup doesn’t stay on as long as
you would like it to. Sometimes, it’s the products you are using or it can
simply be that you are not applying them properly. But no matter what the
reason is, there are many easy fixes to this problem. I spoke with several top
makeup artists and they shared their favorite tricks to keep your face looking
fresh all day long. Here are the mistakes you’re probably making. 
aren’t using primer

If there is one product every
single makeup artist I spoke to suggested, it’s primer because it creates a
base for your makeup to stick to. Think of it as foundation for your
foundation. Murat Evin of The London School Of Makeup explained to me why this
product is an absolute necessity. “What’s great about primer is, it locks
in your skin’s moisture, as well as evening out your skin’s surface so it is
ready for the application of your makeup. As well as smoothing out the skin and
adding moisture to it, primer also helps your makeup coverage last
There are tons of different
primers on the market. Evin suggests choosing one based on your skin type.
“If you have oily skin, you’re probably prone to instances where your
makeup slides off your face. So, it’s best to invest in a good oil-free primer
to ensure your makeup stays put throughout the day. Primer is really good for
dry skin too. Foundation and concealer can cling to dry patches on your face,
but because primer adds extra moisture to your skin, makeup continues to stay
in place and is less likely to crack.”
not using setting spray

In addition to primer, every
makeup artist I interviewed suggested finishing up your look with a setting
spray. It is of the easiest products to apply and best trick to keep your face
from fading. Evin described why. “Setting spray provides that extra layer
of protection for your skin to preserve your makeup. This magic mist cleverly
locks in your look and should be applied once you’ve finished applying your
makeup and ready to head out.”
Evin’s best tip for choosing
the right setting spray is to check the ingredient list before you buy.
“The key ingredient to setting spray, which provides makeup wearers with
that longer lasting look, is PVP (polyvinylpyrrolidone). This clever ingredient
prevents your makeup from melting, cracking, or smearing by tightening your
skin and everything on it.”
Don’t forget to close your
eyes when you spritz.
skip translucent powder

Makeup artist Hillary Kline
likes to create a perfect finish using translucent powder. It is a great
product because it prevents your face from becoming shiny and can be used on
all types and skin tones. She explained, “Translucent powder is really key
in setting your makeup. Apply a light coat over all layers of makeup, meaning
your primer, your foundation, and your blush. By doing this, you’re creating a
smooth and flawless finish. A translucent powder is like a protective layer to
make sure your makeup lasts throughout the day.”
However, you need to make sure
the powder is applied properly. So skip that free puff you might have found
came with your product. Toss it if you need to. Kline says, “Translucent
powder is best used with a big fluffy brush. Apply to the cheeks, forehead,
nose, and chin areas.” 
using the wrong foundation formula

The right foundation for your
skin will help make sure your makeup stays put. But there are so many different
kinds of foundation available that choosing the right one isn’t always
GLAMSQUAD Director of
Artistry, Kelli J. Bartlett shared some tips to keep in mind. “The two
main factors to picking the right foundation formula are the skin’s natural
moisture/oil balance and the foundation finish. In order to pick the right
formula, you want to balance the skin’s natural properties with the
foundation’s finish (matte, satin, glowy/dewy). The foundation should work with
the skin to produce the desired effect. For example, if you have dry skin and
want a satin or glowy end result, choose a super hydrating foundation that will
balance the skin.”
You wear too much makeup

Many people think the secret
to ending the day with a fresh face is to apply lots of extra makeup in the
a.m., but that is actually the exact opposite of what you should do. Too much
can apparently be too much. Ashlee Glazer, who is the Global Artistic Director
for Laura Geller New York revealed how this works. 
“Too much makeup can cake
up and settle into lines throughout the day.” So not only will your face
fade if you go overboard, you risk looking older as well. She
continued, “Always use a lightweight formula, and set and prepare
your makeup properly. Prep with [a] primer and set with sheer powder, or a
[setting mist].”
Glazer suggests using a
layering technique instead of starting off with too much product. “Layer
different textures to prevent fading, such as blush or highlighter. Use a
liquid highlighter with a powder on top to make it pop and last longer.”
aren’t applying your foundation properly

While so many of us get lazy
and want to apply foundation with our hands, this method is a surefire way for
an almost instantly faded face. Barlett explained exactly how this works.
“If not applied properly,
your foundation often doesn’t last as long as you do! When you use your hands
to apply foundation, the natural heat of your hand begins to break down the
precious oils and pigment,” she explained. “While this can give a
light-weight application, a lot of foundation is left on your hands and has
already begun to fade after you apply.” 
Bartlett emphasized the
importance of using the right tool for the job. “A beauty blender will
give you the same natural looking effect as your hands, but won’t break down
the integrity of the foundation.” There is of course also the bonus of not
having to wash makeup off of your hands after you are finished applying. 
don’t have a proper skincare routine

It’s hard for a house to stay
solid on a shaky foundation, which is why a proper skincare routine
specifically for your skin type is essential to having a fresh face. Gayle
Miller, who is an experienced aesthetician and owner of Beauty Skin Glow, a spa
in Woodland Hills, California, emphasized the importance this to me. 
She revealed, “The best
way to keep your makeup looking fresh all day long is to always start with proper
skin care for your skin type. Not what you think you have, what the
celebrities or what your friend has, but what’s best for your skin. Make
sure you’re exfoliated to rid yourself of dead skin cells. Using some form of
clay, mud, or charcoal mask to pull out impurities and hydrate the
skin. Even oily skin types need to hydrate.”
If you aren’t sure what
products to use, ask your aesthetician or dermatologist to make
You aren’t using waterproof formulas

Makeup artist Anthony Pazos
suggests breaking out the waterproof formulas on those extra hot and sweaty
days when you are afraid your face might just slide right off. After all, it is
such an easy fix. “Waterproof makeup is a great way to have long lasting
effects without having to reapply through out the day. It is formulated to last
through moisture which in turns leads to more wear time.”
He suggests checking the label
for specific ingredients. “Usually silicone based, these waterproof
products don’t allow moisture to weaken or dilute your application of
However, Pazos noted that
waterproof makeup isn’t perfect. Because these types of products aren’t
designed to come off easily, they can be challenging to remove. “The only
downside to wearing any waterproof makeup is the process of removing it.
Because it takes a bit more work to remove waterproof products, it can add wear
and tear to areas of the skin and lash.” 
aren’t using products designed to last all day

Kline shared another easy fix
is to buy products specifically formulated to last throughout the day.”I
think the key is making sure you are using the right products in the first
place. I do stress the importance of having your skin properly prepped first,
but you should also find a longwearing foundation you like.” Kline’s pick
is one with sunscreen, but many brands offer longwearing formulations that will
be right for you.
You aren’t touching up

While it can be inconvenient,
sometimes a quick touchup saves us from having to re-apply everything later in
the day. Glazer shared the specific times when most of us are ripe for a touch
up. “We often need touchups after lunch, or transitioning from day to
She also says re-applying
setting spray can be a big help. “[Setting spray] is the easiest way to
keep your makeup on longer because it can be used under and over the makeup all
throughout the day.”
forget to use blotting paper

Blotting paper, which is
sometimes labeled rice paper, is the easiest trick. It also comes in small,
portable packages and is generally inexpensive. Pazos is a huge proponent of
this product. “Blotting paper is great for making makeup last longer
because of the powder found within it. Most people are unaware that blotting paper
has a very light coating of translucent powder. Plus the porous paper absorbs
oil as it deposits powder. This is why blotting papers can be used to help
makeup last longer.”
A few seconds with blotting
paper can prevent needing to use additional product or major touchups later on.
“It allows you to keep your original application without having to redo or
add loads of layers of cake makeup,” explained Pazos. 
It is also essential for oily
or combination skin. “Adding layers of makeup to reduce shine can lead to
breakouts and textured looking skin,” Pazos revealed. So depending on your
skin type, the solution can be very simple.

Once you have identified the
cause or causes of your fading face, these make up artists have shared that it
is often a very simple fix. As long is you start with the right skin care
routine, prime your face, and choose the right products for your makeup and
skincare needs, your face should last all day. No matter what you do, always
finish with finishing spray and you should be good to go — or rather to stay —
for hours. 


Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.