For he can only be true to his vision as he peers through that old rimless glasses sitting gallantly on the ridge of his nose.

Mr. Doubt is partially blind, and sadly, he doesn’t know.

But there is Mr. Love, with clear, bright, and confident eyes, waving—excitedly and almost childlike—to us to come and see.

But we look at him through weary eyes and then sneer and walk away.

We say of him, “He is too old, and also too happy for our liking.”

Kunle O. Daramola
Kunle O. Daramola is an individual that is passionate about exploring the farther reaches of the human mind. His fascination with a broader, enlightening and empowering perspective of life and existence has equipped him with leading-edge ideas on the paradigm shift that will launch humanity into its future of magnificence and individual empowerment. He anchors ‘Imagine’ on SHEFFA, a bi-weekly column where he shares his thoughts and general opinion on life. Read more of his articles on KUNDRAMS