For in much wisdom
is much grief.
He who increases in knowledge
increase in sorrow.
The eyes are never satisfied with seeing
and the heart will never stop feeling.
Once upon a planet called Mother Earth,
basking in beauty and green life.
Her smile is the sun.
She is our home.
……….Then came the Industrial revolution!
A venom that possessed us
and slowly, we saw her fall.
Today, she weeps dressed
in the apparel of climate change.
Her tears leave us
sleeping on the water in the shape of flooding.
Her screams swallow us
in earthquakes and Hurricanes.
Her burning anger
Unleash her wrath in drought.
The weather is violent,
Daily, death knocks
and she has become a familiar stranger.
Whilst we complain,
We forget that this devil was once an angel.
She’s only the monster we’ve made of her.
Together, we can make her beautiful again!
Buried in my taunting thoughts,
Death visited me again
It whispered softly
Dressed as a solace for my soul.
“To die is to live again”
“We only live to die”
“Dying is the day worth living for.”
Not today!
I refuse to take the lies!
I looked him in the eyes
and a life filled me once again.

Esther Kalu
Esther Kalu Ndidi also known as Rukenny is budding poet, short story writer, content writer, freelance writer and journalist who explores her love for writing with the scribbles from her heart, with the aim of impacting positive change. She is a student of Mass Communication in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. Esther blogs at Rukenny's Secrets.