The faces of those boys wouldn’t leave my brain. It was the first time I’d ever get cowed in Lagos. I’ve lived here my whole life and when people speak about being obtained, even people we grew up together, I’m always like, that could never happen to me. But when it happened last Monday, I nearly cried for the wristwatch that was taken from me. The one I’d bought the previous week with the last money in my account. Staring at the watch, only, makes me feel rich. And now, it’s been taken by a total thug.

As he held me, I pulled out my earpiece. At least, you can’t have that. He asked me for money. I showed him the 100 naira I had left. The change from the bus I last boarded. The one I’m using to get to Ojuelegba. He looked at me from head to toe and grabbed my wristwatch. Give it to me, he commanded. Bro, shey na because say I answer you, na why you fit dey hihaj me abi? I said. So, you no go answer me? Ehn? You for no answer me na? He said angrily. I stared at him nervelessly. I go cut am o, he held the watch tighter.

What dumbfounded me the most was the fact that this happened in a major market at Onipanu. Everyone was just looking. No one was bold enough to even come to my aid. Soon, his second joined. And he snatched the wristwatch from my wrist. I was surprised the thing came off so easily. No harm done. Where are you from? The second asked. Mushin, I said. Where are you going? He asked again. Ojuelegba, I said. Brother, follow your guy talk make e return my wristwatch. If I get, I for reason am. I pleaded. You want make we collect your phone abi? A big NO rang in my head.

As I walked away, nearly tearing, I thought of how I had used my last card to buy this fine wristwatch. And now, it’s been taken on the dawn of Christmas. I walked on, never looking back. But never forget the face of the boys that took my precious wristwatch.

©One Micaiah.

Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi
Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi also known as One Micaiah is a Medical Laboratory Science graduate of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, a writer of poems and short stories and a lover of life. He is a believer of love and true friendship. Writing, to him, is the only way he can speak without talking. He hopes to write and publish as many books as he can, while alive. He looks forward to meeting new friends too. Please follow him on Twitter