People From Finland Share Photos of a Rare Natural Phenomenon, and It Makes the Internet Explode With Wow

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Some confident people might say, “I’ve seen everything.” But we believe that these photos of ice eggs lying on a Finnish shore could have the chance to change their minds. This weather event looks so unusual, we might even believe that it was giants who accidentally flipped their ice coffee and forgot to cover up their tracks.

We at Bright Side searched the internet to find out if we should expect an alien invasion soon and to share more photos from the lucky people who saw this weird, but magical event with their own eyes. Enjoy!

People report they have never seen anything like it.

Looking like balls, the mysterious formations of different sizes were spotted in Finland. Risto Mattila, one of the witnesses, said that he had never seen anything like this in 25 years of living near the sea.

Aliens (as giants) have nothing to do with it.

Although this sight looks “out of this world,” experts assure us that it’s not about magic or aliens. It requires some special conditions though.

The water temperature must be near the freezing point and the air temperature has to be just a little below zero. It has to be windy enough so wavelets can be formed and the beach should be sandy and shallow.

The balls are usually formed around something. It can be a layer of slush, a piece of trash, a small sandstone, a pebble, or a snow crystal. While water freezes around these things, the wind makes them rotate, and eventually creates sphere-shaped lumps. And they grow until waves push them ashore.

The right conditions are important because too much wind can prevent the formation of the balls. And if there is no wind, ice will freeze on the shore.

Nature never stops surprising us. You can find more pictures of this phenomenon below:

Have you ever seen something unique that mother nature created? Amaze us!

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