One of my biggest worries as 2021 dawned was carrying out all the plans I had mapped out in my head. Of all the things I know I identify as, I know certainly that I will always be a writer.

I know I will always share my wealth knowledge but when it seems something is subtly creeping in and snatching your plans  right before your eyes. What do you do?

You snatch it by the throat and yell; What are you trying to do? That will be hilarious and silly. Ofcourse, I am joking. You simply look out for other ways to execute the same plans. 

In recent times, it is no longer news that the reading culture seems to be waning and it’s something to be seriously worried about. However, while we try to rekindle the reading culture, we need to look out for other ways to keep people learning.This was the option that was looking at me straight in the face when I realised podcasting was a fast option for me to send my content into the minds of people in a fast-paced world. 

The plan was to send out my content into the minds of my audience but I needed to create a working strategy. This might be helpful to you too if you are looking out to starting a podcast. 

Get a Podcast Co-host 

This is totally optional. The way you choose to design your podcast will determine if you should be looking for a podcast co-host. The podcast I co-host takes a conversational, laid-back style while tackling serious life issues bordering around self development, career, business and relationships. 

Having a podcast co-host could have it’s upsides like splitting tasks and more resources at your disposal after all two heads are better than one. 

And no, you don’t need to put out a vacancy or something. It could just be a friend, business partner, or coworker that you share the same passion and interests with. 

In my case, my best friend was equally looking out to host a podcast  at the time so we ended up merging to create a bigger show. This was how D’Sabi Podcast was birthed. 

Choose a Podcast name 

Picking a name should be a thoughtful action. Choose a name that is descriptive of what the show is about. For example, a podcast called the money bag show gives a picture of a finance-related podcast while one that goes by the young and restless cast will definitely portray something that bothers around lifestyle. 

A resource like Business Name Generator could also help you in generating a name. 

So in choosing a name, make it short and sweet. Use a play on words or even use your name, convey a tone, consider search-ability (you want to be googled and you don’t want a name someone else has already either). 

Think of the flow and structure of the podcast 

You can decide on how long you want it to last. I don’t buy into the school of thought of making it 2 minutes or 3 hours. Stick with what works for your show. 

There are 5 minutes podcasts and there are 6-hour podcasts. Find whatever works for you and run with it!

You can map out how you want each episode to be, for example; you can start with an intro, read messages from the audience, go into the targeted content  and do a call to action on whatever message you are passing across or even to be followed on social media. 

Figure out how frequent each episode will be and map out topics to be discussed. Having a list could be helpful. 

Give your show an identity 

Your first physical identity will be your cover art. Ensure to design a catchy cover art, consider a colour that befits the brand. You can outsource this to a graphic designer or create them yourself using platforms like Canva, Poster My Wall, or any easy to use graphic design platforms. 

Record an engaging intro that precedes each episode, you might want to listen to the intro for D’Sabi Podcast which I co-host. 

Listen and look at what other podcasters seem to be doing to help educate yourself some more.

Sort out the technicalities

Figure out where you want to host this podcast. Platforms like Anchor Fm, Buzz Sprout, Podbean are great for options.

Anchor Fm does a great job of distributing your podcast on other platforms and allowing you also host a free wordpress blog for your show. 

As much as you can learn editing online, these listed platforms have easy to edit features that enable you to modulate your recording, aid audio cleanup, help you piece together your audio segments, add music to your recording and directly publish your episodes.

You can buy a USB-enabled microphone for better sound production or just start with what you have by recording with your smartphone.

Remember to create social media handles for your show and share your content there. 

How cool is that?

Now you have this info at the tip of your fingers, go and create that long desired podcast. 

On a scale of 1-5, how helpful was this?

Jennifer Ifeatu Orisakwe
Jennifer Ifeatu Orisakwe is a health professional at a leading health technology company by day and a creative maverick by night. She is also passionate about business ideation, branding, content development, strategy, optimizing digital media for business growth and learning new things. She is the author of the book – Ekwensu’s Harvest and Co-hosts D'Sabi Podcast, a biweekly podcast centered on personal development and self-education.