Yes! He carries the face of an angel. He is the tallest among my male friends. He’s got very well built body parts. I know. I think about it sometimes too. Even towards the downs region. Imagine a very well built downs region. You know. Gosh!
I still called you last night. More than I’ve stopped counting since the first time I noticed you stopped picking my calls. I’d called you every single day since that day, 7 months ago. That day was the day I first counted the number of calls I put through in a day. It was f**king countless. Finally, you called.
The phone was ringing for the fourth time when I carried it only to see it was you. The feeling of hanging me drew closer in thoughts. I lost the phone after switching it off and resumed the exercise with Michael. The he who carried the face of an angel.
When you left, I thought I’d done you the worst kind of bad, but as the days of unanswered calls added up, the less remorse I had for what I did. I bedded your best friend and so what? Is that why you refused to say anything when and after you caught us bedding? Is that also why you ran off without picking or return tons of calls for this long?
Michael has been on my neck for so long; even before you came. All of a sudden, I became yours, and what do you think Michael would think about that? My best friend can have my best crush in peace? So, he came that day. You were out for too long, so, he came in me. And you caught us just when he was coming. Too bittersweet!
Then, there was ringing of the doorbell. Can we just finish this third round in peace, at least? It’s not like this guy is that good. I just want this suffering to end for him. And the stupid boy removed his thing and walked like that towards the door. Before I wear pants and singlet finish, baba don run reach door. And that’s how I rushed out to know what’s happening at my door. You won’t believe who I found holding a gun to Michael’s small head. Olamilekan. My very own Olamilekan. Hmm!
© One Micaiah
Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi
Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi also known as One Micaiah is a Medical Laboratory Science graduate of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, a writer of poems and short stories and a lover of life. He is a believer of love and true friendship. Writing, to him, is the only way he can speak without talking. He hopes to write and publish as many books as he can, while alive. He looks forward to meeting new friends too. Please follow him on Twitter