I’m fragile,
Delicate and gentle,
And like a glass bird,
You cannot fix me once I get broken.
But I’m trusting you to be kind,
So please, handle me with care,
Love me tender,
Love me mild!
I’m but myself,
Different, unique and special.
My heart is like a puzzle,
The perfect piece is hard to find,
But when it’s all completed,
The whole picture will blow your mind.
Love me tender,
Love me long!
I’m a sweet little thing,
Meek and kind.
And like my name implies “Good heart”,
I’ve got a heart as pure as crystal,
One that flows freely like a river.
So love me tender,
Love me true!
I’m a woman,
A modern lady,
Gracious, steadfast, temperate and hospitable.
And like a goddess,
I’m beauty itself,
My skin; a wonder,
My voice; a melody
Love me tender,
Love me sweet.
I’m sacred feminine, chaste and phenomenal.
And like a diamond,
I’m priceless and rare.
You win my heart,
You have gold itself.
Not an exaggeration or an overstatement,
But truth itself.
So love me tender,
Love me dear.
Written by Nisa. She can be reached on Facebook with the name Dennisa Obi.
Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi
Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi also known as One Micaiah is a Medical Laboratory Science graduate of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, a writer of poems and short stories and a lover of life. He is a believer of love and true friendship. Writing, to him, is the only way he can speak without talking. He hopes to write and publish as many books as he can, while alive. He looks forward to meeting new friends too. Please follow him on Twitter