Mama, I met a girl
A girl not as light as you are
But deeply as beautiful
As no one else I’ve ever met

She carries the same eyesbrows
As the ones I saw
The first time I beheld your face
Eyebrows as dark
As cute as nothing else can be

Her ears are small
Just like yours
With simple earrings
For her perfect beauty

Her lips are lickerish
Always wanted by my lips
But just as rare as it was
To find me kissing you on the lips
Hers, too, are as faraway
As the distance between us

I’m choosing not to talk about
How thick she is
Maybe, the lovesomeness
Of her ass
Is something for another day
A day, maybe, I get to be
More than what I am now.

Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi
Mikaiah Sunday Oyepintemi also known as One Micaiah is a Medical Laboratory Science graduate of the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos, a writer of poems and short stories and a lover of life. He is a believer of love and true friendship. Writing, to him, is the only way he can speak without talking. He hopes to write and publish as many books as he can, while alive. He looks forward to meeting new friends too. Please follow him on Twitter