We cling to the shadows of Yesterday as if they would turn the hands of time and change many things we wished didn’t happen.
We wriggle to a corner, shutting ourselves from the world as if we expected the world to give us a clue on What was happening and they didn’t.
We frizzle our minds and shut the windows of our hearts wallowing in regrets, pain and anger and wishing what we felt would birthed something so strong to make us vanish, disappearing into thin air.
We build up walls so impenetrable, wanting help or seeking help seemed futile.
Can I let you in on a secret? Abraham’s story yh? In genesis like people would call it…   The story of Father Abraham”.
You know even while growing up “My book of bible story”
with a yellow cover and all, would also say the story of Abraham too. Almost the whole world did, anyway and I was no exception.
Then, one time I was In such a bad place, I was heartbroken, spirit broken and soul broken the worst
of all forms of brokenness. My values and principles don’t make sense to me anymore and I was literally drifting through time and space, everything I wanted and wanted to do just didn’t make sense anymore. At that time nothing did anyways.
Trying to find myself, after being in a dark place for so long, I wanted to come out but I was so far down into the base, coming out looked like too much work or almost impossible because I felt so lost, empty and honestly there was zero to no energy for anything at all.
You know coming from a Christian home, praying was like a backup for when you hit a road block. So I prayed just very few words, if something happened I had no clue.
The following day I asked a friend of mine and the only person I allowed to talk to me at that time. I asked him. How do you get sweetness, “Holy Spirit” I call him sweetness to talk to you again, you know be your friend again?
And he said “simple, just like me, when you offend me you apologize and mean every word, then you start talking to me and we start talking, then our communication gets stronger and it’s like nothing ever happened”.
“That easy” I said in my head, okay thanks and I disappeared after a while.
I’m getting to the real thing so I need all of you here, your whole senses and yes, I mean all that makes up that beautiful and strong goddess that is you.
I did it, I was on my bed lying down and I placed my palms together and said those words like they would give my life meaning again. “Sweetness I’m sorry, I’m sorry I neglected you, I’m sorry I didn’t acknowledge you, I’m sorry for so many things but most of all, I miss you, I miss our times together I miss, I miss” and that was it, I broke down and sobbed my eyes out.
Crying wasn’t strange to me because being in a dark place that was what I mostly did, but this time it was different it was like someone hugged me and said I’m here now and so it was like all the bad energy needed to go with the tears. Then I became really peaceful, so peaceful that I could literally hear my heartbeat.
That was when sweetness told me to go to “Romans 4” he said. The new way of looking at things that was what he called it. It was the story of Abraham and then he said it’s not Abraham’s story, it was a God story. God wanting to show forth the greatness of his power and glory and Abraham allowed himself to be used. That was when it struck me.
My life, your life, our life it’s not our story, we try to write it and that why we lose who we are in the process but when we allow him to write through us, we do not just shine but he shines through us and hello which shine can supersede that. It’s not your story
it’s a God story allow him to write it through you because dear king, yes I didn’t say Queen. God made you a ruler already but I’m choosing to call you King because where the word of a king is, there is power that’s how powerful you are.
Dear king, in this story winning is Inevitable because not just a God writes it, The God writes it, no other author would match its befitting ending.
Blossom Obi
Blossom Obi is a writer and a public speaker, from Imo state Oru East LGA, in the eastern part of Nigeria. She was born and raised in the city of Lagos. Writing has always been second nature to her, having written several write-ups, poems, and articles online. She is the author of ‘The Broken Woman’, a series article written to help women who go through challenges from family, health, relationships amongst others, giving them a sense of hope as well as transforming whatever situation they find themselves as they become better versions of themselves. She is also the founder of blossomobiblog.com.ng and the founder of True Women Foundation.