Double dating is a very dangerous game to play. It is very dangerous because of its end result, it’s a risk that I won’t advise anybody to take. You might think you’re smart, but the truth is that you still lose all including yourself, because it will force you to become who you are not. Instead of you becoming a better person, you be worse than before.
BIGGEST LIAR: this is mostly for the ladies; double dating can turn you into what I call WORST BIGGEST LIAR (WBL) in the world. You would be consistently living a life full of lies, because you make sure you are not caught between the lines. You will make up outrageous fabrication so that he/she won’t get suspicious. It bad for the guys too.
WASTE OF RESOURCES: this is for the guys, double dating makes you a waster without you knowing it, talking about time and money. I just found out that a guy’s time and money is not enough for one lady not to talk about two ladies. With two ladies in a guy’s life he ends up not planning for his life because he wants to meet up with his girlfriends’ plans, he won’t maximize his time because it is being wasted on pleasing two people, it also makes you spend more than you earn and that’s not wise for a guy.
STUCK IN CONFUSION: Let me tell you how this will happen, some of us has been in this situation
Over a period of time, double dating can make you fall in love with both of them and both of them falls in love with you, and when you are ready for marriage, that is when you will realize the situation you’ve gotten yourself into. You become so confused about picking one person without issues arising.
Another scenario is that you get to a point where you’ll be tired of one, but you don’t know how to let him or her go, maybe because of commitment and sacrifice invested in that relationship by that very one you are tired of.
LONELINESS: if you are not lucky with number three (3), then loneliness becomes the end result. Double dating will make you end up losing the one you love most or you lose both persons. when both person finds out the game you are playing with their heart, that is what they call GAME OVER, I guess you are familiar with that word, they will leave especially when they have an Amazing personality, you will be all alone, and from that moment your value drops without knowing.
Blossom Obi
Blossom Obi is a writer and a public speaker, from Imo state Oru East LGA, in the eastern part of Nigeria. She was born and raised in the city of Lagos. Writing has always been second nature to her, having written several write-ups, poems, and articles online. She is the author of ‘The Broken Woman’, a series article written to help women who go through challenges from family, health, relationships amongst others, giving them a sense of hope as well as transforming whatever situation they find themselves as they become better versions of themselves. She is also the founder of blossomobiblog.com.ng and the founder of True Women Foundation.