She sways her waist
Side to side
With beads dangling,
In beats and rhymes.
She explores her dexterity in dance.
She is culture!
She is a city on the hills
The one history calls Archepelago
She is hemmed on all sides,
By mountains you’ll love to reside
She is all you’ll want to see.
She is beauty!
Listen to the pattering of her Niger
The chants of her melodious Congo
The depth of the Nile
Which reflects her heart of gold
Even the Nipopo and Zambezi affirms that
She is Rivers!
She is the ‘kedu’ that cares
And ‘mo wa pa’ that affirms
Saying ‘nagode’
She speaks diverse tongues
Swahili, Efik and Ijebu too
She is Language!
She is the aromizing savor
 That caresses your nostrils
And leaves your appetite aroused
She eats in diversity
Palatable delicacies
She is Food!
Esther Kalu
Esther Kalu Ndidi also known as Rukenny is budding poet, short story writer, content writer, freelance writer and journalist who explores her love for writing with the scribbles from her heart, with the aim of impacting positive change. She is a student of Mass Communication in Yaba College of Technology, Lagos. Esther blogs at Rukenny's Secrets.