Hey… This is my pilot edition on Frankly Speaking I look forward to sharing and interacting with you about Life, Personal Development, Trending Societal Issues and everything juicy enough or read-worthy. I had hoped we’ll take this off on a lighter note but the world lost another hero: Earl DMX Simmons at the weekend and I thought to share a little about him, also my views about our greatest mystery and my deepest fear (Death)

I haven’t died before to know this…

But I do know that in most circumstances, people fight at the point of death to stay alive. 

I have seen terminally ill people with only little brain activity hold on to life, some in a vegetative state physically but with a faint heartbeat giving their last and best strength to stay alive.

I have seen a man shared into half at an accident scene and his upper body was moving while he was swinging his arms trying to find the second half of his body. That was him fighting.

Earl fought all his life but he lost the fight this time. He couldn’t fight anymore. I guess it was time. 

He was human, he showed us authentically everything he was, but he “picked a side” I hope that that side picks him too.

I don’t know much about his songs because it isn’t particularly my kind of genre but I loved his prayer renditions, all the nice things people said about him, his humility, and his demonstration of a purpose.

I just want this post to always remind me particularly:

1. I am human. I live with humans. I have the power of choice and lots of choices.

2. I will fight. With everything I have and as much as I can. If I don’t win today, I will win another day and every win will count. When I can no longer fight, hopefully, my choices will pick me too and back me up.

3. Everything Ends. Eventually……

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Linda Dooyum Kpum
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