Today is a good day to exercise your body! Say no to distractions and procrastinations.

Today’s Fitspiration is inspired by a thought I scribbled after having a conversation with my friend about the power of setting little goals and sticking with them. “Every single thing that you do or do not do daily will eventually add up to something great or not.” The question then is “what am I doing today?”

The world is such a busy place, I know, but we need to remind ourselves more often to subtract activities that are unproductive and do fewer things more consistently that affect our physical health positively. Eating well, sleeping well or having enough rest, and exercising at least 3 times weekly are worthy of maximum attention.

QUESTION FOR TODAY:  What is that one thing that if you start doing it daily or more often would transform your fitness life for the better?

As usual, I hope you keep moving your body, stay fit and enjoy your moments!

Finally, remember to catch up with the third episode next weekend.

Nkaiso Anny Asikpo
Nkaiso Anny Asikpo is a content creator and voiceover artist who is passionate about sharing practical knowledge that influences people to live fully, enjoy their moments and die empty whenever the time arrives. When she is not listening to music, reading, writing, or playing with different pitches of her voice in the studio, she is definitely traveling and teaching people how to swim somewhere in the world.