“Follow me!!” our house mistress took my bunkmate by the hand and dragged her to the senior boarding house mistress . “I have to know what will happen next” I said to myself as l followed them all the way to the senior boarding house mistress.
         “Please ma ,it won’t happen again” my bunkmate pleaded with our house mistress to be released but the adamant woman didn’t even look at her face. As soon as they got to the house of our senior boarding house mistress, my bunkmate began to cry so much. I didn’t know when tears started to drop from my eyes.
           “What is it Mrs Uti ?” our senior boarding house mistress inquired as she came out of her house . “This Jss1 girl brought a contraband item to school !!!” our house mistress shouted.
         “What contraband item is that ?” our senior boarding house mistress asked with so much eagerness to receive an immediate answer.
    ” She brought evaporated milk to school ” our house mistress said still shouting at the top of her voice.  “Wow Mrs Uti, I  never knew such a young girl is smarter than you”. “What do you mean ma?” our house mistress looked shocked. “You allowed a jss1 girl to bring a contraband item into the hostel!,  didn’t I put you in charge to search their bags on the day of resumption?”our senior boarding house mistress spoke with so much anger.
             “Ma I searched them well but I don’t know how this little girl was able to outsmart me”. “That means you are a big fool Mrs Uti and for failing to perform your duty as a house mistress, I am placing you on two weeks suspension!!”. That’s what our senior boarding house mistress told Mrs Uti. I didn’t know what to do again. I was about to leave when I heard our senior boarding house mistress telling my bunkmate to start uprooting all the grass at the back of her house. That was her punishment for going against the school rules and regulations.
               “Oh God, why should so many people suffer for my own crime. I should be the one serving the punishment” I cried on my way back to the hostel.
 To be continued….

 Igbi, Blessing
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