My mother always told me that stealing is bad and  she made me promise her that I will never take what does not belong to me. During Sunday school class, our teacher taught us a song which made me realize how bad stealing is. She told us anybody caught stealing would be severely dealt with and I never took her word for a joke. I lay down on my bed staring at the ceiling. My hostel was very quiet that hot afternoon and as JSS1 newcomers, we weren’t allowed to leave the hostel. The feeling of hunger paraded my stomach. My bunkmate was asleep and so were my dorm girls. I couldn’t wait any longer for the dining food so I decided to try something new since everybody was asleep. 
Earlier in the morning, I had seen my bunkmate put two rolls of three crowns milk in her box and she didn’t lock it with a padlock like she always did. I decided to take just two sachets of milk and keep the rest. About to take the milk, I remembered the promise I made to my mother and the song our Sunday school teacher taught us about stealing. I remembered the words of my Sunday school teacher ” anybody caught stealing would be severely punished!!”. ” Since everyone is asleep, I won’t get caught” I said to myself and hurriedly opened the box to take only two sachets of milk. ” No one saw me” I said to myself and drank the milk quietly.
Later that afternoon, I was coming back from the dining hall with my friends when I heard my bunkmate shouting. I was scared of going into the dormitory to know what why she was shouting so loud. I just decided to be courageous and I said to myself ” if she is shouting about her milk, I will just confess and buy her another one”. As I stepped into the dormitory,. I opened my mouth in shock when I saw her holding the two sachets of milk and heard her say ” the hair of the person who drank this milk will never grow long”. 
The Story Continues.
Aderonke Blessing
Igbi, Blessing Aderonke anchors - RonkeWrites. A weekly column on SHEFFA where she shares her novels, short stories, poems, inspirational/motivational books, and quotes.  She is an undergraduate of English Education at the University of Lagos. She believes in true love and sincere friendship. She loves to offer advice on matters of the heart and hopes to become a famous writer and publish as many books as possible.