Human beings have different ways and perspectives of examining things. It is important to know that in this world we live in, you just can’t please everyone. No matter how good you present yourself to people, some would still give critical opinions.
Growing up, I always wanted to please everyone, often times, I found myself doing things that weren’t in line with the principles I laid down for myself. Later on, I discovered it is difficult to please everyone because I was hurting myself in different ways. I hurt myself by going against the principles laid down for myself and listening to the critical remarks of those people I went out of the way to please.
It is better to do things without expecting too much from people. Whatever you do, always expect that some will praise while others will criticize because you simply cannot please everybody. No matter how good you present yourself to people, some will still point out something negative.
Holding yourself in high esteem helps you get rid of the mentality of pleasing everybody. As I grew older, I discovered the reason why I always wanted to please everyone was because of my low self-esteem.
Getting bad remarks from people isn’t a good thing but the truth is not everybody will say something good. As human beings, we have every right to praise and criticize. It is best to do something with the expectation that some will praise while some will criticize because the truth is you can’t please everybody. You shouldn’t be afraid of critics, it’s what develops you as a human being.
You shouldn’t stop doing what you want because or stop being yourself just because you cannot please everybody. Stop living life with the expectation that everyone must agree with you. The right thing is to be yourself and let whoever wants to praise you, praise, you and whoever wants to criticize you, criticize you. When you start to go out of your way to satisfy people that don’t appreciate you, it’s just an indirect way of living your life for them. You simply cannot please everybody. Everyone is allowed to praise, criticize, appreciate, disapprove, blame, and all sorts. Be yourself and always remember you can’t please everybody. Don’t be afraid of critics, it doesn’t break you but make you. YOU SIMPLY CANNOT PLEASE EVERYBODY.
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Aderonke Blessing
Igbi, Blessing Aderonke anchors - RonkeWrites. A weekly column on SHEFFA where she shares her novels, short stories, poems, inspirational/motivational books, and quotes.  She is an undergraduate of English Education at the University of Lagos. She believes in true love and sincere friendship. She loves to offer advice on matters of the heart and hopes to become a famous writer and publish as many books as possible.