Last week, we started something interesting. It is a fictional story of a young lady that wanted to be a writer but her parents had other plans for her. Please follow the link to read the opening episode of NEVER GIVE UP so that you can catch up with us (if you have not). Today, please join us as we conclude the aspirational and motivational piece.

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I spent days in the hospital not knowing if my writing emerged successful or not. While I was at the hospital, I received an email on my phone which stated I emerged second in the writing competition. I was so excited but I couldn’t express my joy in front of my parents. After 3 weeks, I was discharged from the hospital. My dad didn’t allow me to rest as he already sent me to school to check my name on the admission list but still, it wasn’t there.

“God, what’s going on? is this your plan for me?” I questioned God on my way home. And when I got home, I met the organizers of the writing competition at my house. “E don happen!!!!!”   I said to myself in pidgin.

My parents were not smiling at all. The organizers welcomed me and inquired about my health. My dad kept looking at me to explain the present situation but I was dumbfounded.

The leader of the team rose up and said; “for being the second runner up you have been awarded the sum of 1.5 million naira and the opportunity to publish your first book without any money. You are a great writer and the society need people like you”.

My parents were shocked, their angry faces immediately turned the opposite. Dad hugged and confessed the joy in his heart at that moment. “You never showed us how good of a writer you are, I’m sorry I doubted your potentials”. My dad told me with joy in his heart.

From that day, my life changed. I began to pursue my writing career, I learned new skills and wrote many books. I received many awards on various occasions and my name began to appear on the book of fame. I didn’t give up on my dreams and neither did I disobey my parents. God had a wonderful plan for my life but I just couldn’t see it.   

Lesson From The Story: No matter the situation you’re going through, no matter how hard things get, you shouldn’t give up on your dreams. I know we all have dreams and when things don’t seem to be going as planned, we relent or even give up.

The story looks too good to be true but the truth is that as long as you are determined to achieve, you will achieve!!!!! It’s not too late to start working towards your dreams and aspirations in life. No matter how old you are, start working towards achieving your dreams.

Determination is the key!!!

The End.

Disclaimer: Please be informed that this is a fictional piece and all the story, characters and plots were created from the writer’s imagination.

Aderonke Blessing
Igbi, Blessing Aderonke anchors - RonkeWrites. A weekly column on SHEFFA where she shares her novels, short stories, poems, inspirational/motivational books, and quotes.  She is an undergraduate of English Education at the University of Lagos. She believes in true love and sincere friendship. She loves to offer advice on matters of the heart and hopes to become a famous writer and publish as many books as possible.