make hay while the sun shines

African Proverb

It is sad to say that this old saying has not played a role in the life of some individuals.  Some human beings have disciplined themselves to avoid procrastination while some are still struggling to get rid of it. Personally, I have had to struggle with procrastination before I defeated it. When I discovered my bad habit was ruining certain aspects of my life and altering my daily routine, I had to find solution. Before I share some basic ways on how to deal with procrastination, it is important to note that to some individuals, procrastination is as a result of laziness while others just have nonchalant attitude towards their daily activities.  Here are some basic ways to deal with procrastination.

I.    Think of the consequences of postponing – When you’re faced with the issue of procrastination, remember the consequences of not doing that thing at that particular time. When you realize what you stand to lose by postponing that activity, it will prompt you to carry it out

II.       Plan your schedule – Creating a schedule for your daily routine is a way of managing your time and helping you deal with the act of procrastination. It is therefore important that you plan your schedule in a way that’s suitable for you so you don’t have to postpone any activity.

III.       Be promising to yourself – This can be termed as being determined. Determination is a drive that helps everyone to succeed and there is no room for procrastination in the life of a determined person. Once you’re determined to achieve something, the habit of procrastination leaves your mind. It is important that you are determined and hopeful towards achieving your goal.

IV.       Do the right thing at the right time – The only way to do the right thing at the right time is to follow the pattern of schedule you created for yourself. You must create a schedule that’s suitable for you and makes you do things at the right time. Apart from the fact that laziness and nonchalant attitude are core factors for procrastination, most times we procrastinate because we feel bored doing some certain activities. The truth is that these activities are important but we may feel bored doing it because it’s at the wrong time. It’s important that your schedule is drafted in such a way that you do things at the right time and according to your mood in order for you to do it well and avoid procrastination.

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Aderonke Blessing
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