first Crime (part 4) Final Episode.
Two days later, I
decided to be courageous and tell my bunkmate the truth.  If I didn’t
steal the milk, she won’t have suffered so much. “My actions caused all these and now I have to make things right.
I said to myself and walked towards my bunkmate where she sat. “Don’t cry again, you’ve served the
punishment already and the person who caused all these would still be
I said to her with so much sympathy. “I will never reverse the curse I placed on
that person, the person deserves it. Even though I placed that curse when I was
angry, the person still deserves it.
My bunkmate said
those words to my face and I was scared to tell her the truth. I didn’t steal
the milk on purpose and she won’t want to understand that I was hungry. I
didn’t mean to put her in trouble or cause Mrs. Uti to be suspended. “What if the person comes to you to confess,
will you forgive the person and forget about everything?”
My bunkmate
started closely into my eyes after hearing my question. “What’s the point? I have served the
punishment and Mrs. Uti has been suspended. If the person comes to apologize,
it won’t take away all the pain or do any good. I know I was wrong to bring
evaporated milk to school and that’s why I always kept it in my bag and never
brought it out. But someone stole it, made me angry and everything was
My bunkmate spoke
with tears in her eyes. “It’s okay,
don’t cry again. Forget about everything.”
I stood up to leave and I
was really depressed. “It’s true
what my bunkmate said, saying sorry or asking for forgiveness won’t take away
all the pain I already caused her. Besides, she already told me she won’t
reverse the curse. I have to live with this curse for the rest of my life
I have learnt a valuable lesson which is, never to take any action that will
cause myself and other people pain because even though there is a reason behind
my bad action, it can either turn out good or bad.      
The End.
Writer’s comment: I
hope this story has taught everybody a valuable lesson. The lesson of this
story is not just about the milk that was stolen. I used the ‘theft’ to portray a bad action. The narrator
didn’t steal the milk, she wanted to but she was hungry and she hoped that God
and her bunkmate would understand why she did it. Her bunkmate had to suffer
for the theft and it was already too late to apologize. In the end, she
regretted her action and not telling her bunkmate the truth before things got
out of hand.      
Now, let’s apply it.
Most times, we take certain actions and expect people to understand why we did
it. It becomes too late before we give them the opportunity to understand. We
suffer and they also suffer for it. As human beings, we should be careful of
the decisions we make and actions we take. Our decisions and actions can either
destroy a lot or repair a lot. Don’t always expect or assume the person
understands when you’ve not made any effort to explain things. Therefore,
whatever you do in life, do not procrastinate before you explain to a person
why you did what you did. The action you take, whether good or bad can either
yield good or bad results. Remember the story “My first Crime” 
Thanks for reading
everyone. Expect more stories from Ronke.
 Igbi, Blessing
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