At every point in time, we all experience self-doubt in our lives. It’s simply a negative attitude that you need to correct to live a fulfilling life. When you begin to experience self-doubt at any point in life, do not think it’s abnormal. It’s totally normal because we are all human beings. Here are the best tips to overcome self-doubt:

  • Live Life In The Present – Feelings of extreme self-doubt are often attached to the memories of the past. These memories will probably be about a time when someone told you that you weren’t good enough or a time that you failed to accomplish something. Because of these past memories, you might begin to doubt yourself when it’s time to do something new. If you keep thinking about these things, you’re only attracting the negative energy that fuels your self-doubt. Do not live in these moments, think about the person you are in the present time. Just because you couldn’t accomplish something in the past does not mean you cannot complete it in the future.
  • Be Confident – The greatest key to overcoming self-doubt is confidence. As long as you remain confident in yourself, you can achieve your goals. If you keep on thinking that you are not good at something and you cannot do the things you want to do, you will never try it and you will be stuck where you are now.
  • Discover The Source Of Your Self-Doubt – The only way to get rid of a problem is to find a solution. And the only way to find a solution is to know the real source of the problem. What was the event that made you harbor the feeling of self-doubt? Where does your self-doubt originate? Once you have identified and understood the source of your self-doubt, it will be easier to eliminate your negative thought patterns.
  • Spend Time With Other People – Your family and friends are your primary source of strength and encouragement. Spending time with other people helps to boost self-confidence and gives room for encouragement. You can share your ideas and get new tips. It doesn’t have to be a close relative or friend.

You can share negative thoughts about yourself to a complete stranger and you’ll realize how illogical your negativity can be.

Aderonke Blessing
Igbi, Blessing Aderonke anchors - RonkeWrites. A weekly column on SHEFFA where she shares her novels, short stories, poems, inspirational/motivational books, and quotes.  She is an undergraduate of English Education at the University of Lagos. She believes in true love and sincere friendship. She loves to offer advice on matters of the heart and hopes to become a famous writer and publish as many books as possible.