I watched a video recently and I was astonished.

A small church, with not over 100 members, moderately dressed, nothing fancy. They had wooden benches, a pulpit I couldn’t see because the video was shot from that angle…and not forgetting the small offering box in front.

It’s offering time in church!! Everyone starts dancing in a single file, heading to the front to drop their token. This young man stands conspicuously out!!

He is dancing as well to go drop his offering. He’s dark, medium built, not too tall, had neat low cut hair, followed by that contagious smile.

He was wearing a dull navy blue shirt, clearly not his size, and his milk-colored trouser mehn, you can put the third leg comfortably in.

He then killed the look with his second world war belt. I can’t remember the color…but it held on to his waist firmly…no letting go.

I watched him twist and turn, shaking his arms as he danced and danced!! Then he did the Michael Jackson moonwalk, fell on his back, somersaulted, stood up…made more moves…and kept dancing. There was so much joy on his face!

To my ordinary eyes, he didn’t look much like anyone who had anything worth celebrating. Heck! Check out his “Moses/Abrahamic” designer shoes…I see no popular shoe brand in sight. So what exactly was making this man dance this much?!!!

Some people looked at him in shock, others indifferent, some may be scorned. In my head, I tried to imagine how some sanctimonious people would have looked at him here.

Nothing made sense to me, how can this “poor” looking man be happy??. I kept thinking and suddenly I remembered David. Yes, King David in the Bible. We all sing every day…” when the spirit of the Lord is upon my soul, I will dance like David danced”….Meshonu!!! Do you dance?? For real??

Sometimes I try to imagine how David danced…the Bible said he was almost naked…he danced almost like a mad man…I can imagine shoki, alanta, awilo, etighi all combined in one dance…and his wife looked down on him…guess what?? She was the only woman in the Bible who died barren. Truth!!

Nowadays people dance with style because they know there is a camera watching and taking photos and they want to look all good and tush as they pray!!!! You see a brother hold his well-ironed edge cutting suit tenderly, tilt his head to the side where his hair was neatly parted, after being carefully oiled with soulmate hair cream, and pray!!! Please how can you be praying and smiling???

I am not moved by the whole pretense in the dancing, but don’t get angry if someone is weirdly dancing beside you…You don’t know his testimony…dance!!!

Can we loosen up as we go to church tomorrow??

Dance brother dance!!!!

Dance sister dance!!!!

Andikan Inyang
As a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present day banker.....and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my pen.......therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.