Believe me, I would
love to stay sexy and give my husband’s car a private and good washing but
unfortunately, I was wearing my pink shirt and flowered skirt everybody seems
to like except me when I walked into the car park.
Our car was looking
like we drove through sahara desert before getting to work.
I had the option of
entering the car, putting it on, blasting the AC and listening to some cool
jams while waiting for his Royal highness to go home.
When I saw the clean
cars parked all around our car, I quietly dropped my bag on the back seat; ‘jejely‘ removed my heels and wore
slippers, picked a rag from the boot and started the cleaning process.
Now I knew bobo
would be down in about 15minutes, if I start washing with water, I would cause
an added 15minutes delay…and we all know Lagos traffic get skoi skoi…so I
settled for a dry cleaning.
Now the cleaning wasn’t
the funny thing, the stares and look of shock on the faces of staff and
colleagues passing was too funny.
It felt
like…”see this girl ooo…what is
she doing?”….
how can she be doing a man’s job….in BROAD
It even got more
interesting when they offered to help…and i playfully rejected.
Lemme give u small
I am a woman…I am
strong..I am resourceful…I am not weak…I don’t find it embarrassing to
clean up my car if the need arises….as a young girl.
– I pounded yam
every sunday for the whole house (with white soup)
– I can start a
– I washed my dad’s
car everyday…etc
 And most importantly, I can scream down the house
because of one cockroach… don’t mind me….na the work we dey do.
 Have a wonderful day good people

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Here is what Andikan Inyang also known as ‘Sparks’ has to say about herself………………….

a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present
day banker…..and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my
pen…….therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing
and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.

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