My people
Amebo don land
again ooo…I remember this event when I was in Calabar…so I decided to leave
the gist for today as a sharp geh that I am na!!
customer…female…walked into the branch on Friday morning…the counter was
crowded thanks to T24… their head been dey touch that period…downtime just
dey fly everywhere…
That is by the way
sef!! Ehen!! She walked straight to me and asked if my branch was the only
branch in calabar…and I said yes!!
Madam provoked!! Ah
ah?? What did I do?
She started
shouting…”Do you know where I am
coming from? All the way from Mount Zion street… all other banks have 50 branches!!
And you people have just one!!
See me see wahala oo!! Chicken no dey bounce for night…warrapun?
She continued
shouting…”even CBN has 6 branches
and you have one!! Someone will be going up and down just to locate your
bank…you don’t even know that someone is in the hospital dying…and I am
looking for sterling bank”
Men and
brethren…By this time…I was already getting pissed…when you work in a
bank, you breathe eat think emotional intelligence. See me see struggle!!
Should I answer her?? Should I keep quiet?? (In my mind I don hold the sister
squeeze her mouth finish). Thank God for our desk o…I was tapping my feet
under per second billing…my mouse and keyboard suffered that day because I
was just hitting them anyhow.
The devil jumped on
my left shoulder and whispered, answer her joor!!! Who she be? Give her fire
for fire!! You know when someone is deliberately trying to provoke you and the
devil wants to play 10/10 with your destiny, I jump and pass!!
This sister was
spitting fire, talking and complaining as if I am in charge of branch
allocation…I looked up to the heavens…and down to earth….and said..”My father!! My Father!!! I now know why you
gave me this job…to teach me patience…tolerance and empathy…”

because Andikan 2years ago…u wey know???chai!!!
The angel of light
jumped on my right shoulder and said…sisterly forget!! By the time you finish
answering her…you will come back to your desk and you cannot login again… your
job is gone… 2mins of madness will take this away…
I kept quiet till
she finished. Then she met me to check her balance (let me not even go
there)…..when she was calmer…I asked where she got a cab from…she
described the place.
My Calabar people
knew she was JJC and used her head to soak garri.. they carried her round and
round just to cheat her…I explained to her that 95% of the banks in calabar
have just one branch. All the 50 signboards she saw and thought were branches
were just deception… I even gave her proper directions to the next bank she
was visiting…
What’s the essence
of my epistle?
1. Stop that rough
play. Emotional intelligence is haaaaaaaaaard!! Learning to accommodate people
and their faults takes consistent practice, patience and tolerance. Some of my
closest customers started off roughly with me but over time I have won them
over by embarrassing them with calmness and excellent service.
2. Be quick to
listen and slow to act/talk. If I had given her word for word, it would have
been messy. After i explained what the cab guys did and helped her out with her
account details, she was smiling. The same lady who left someone “dying” in the hospital stayed an
extra 3hrs in the bank gisting with one fine brother, what is my own sef??
Lemme coman be going.
I understand we
meet the good, the bad and the ugly daily. Let our experience with a customer
not deter us from the good we do, be the best at what you do, be courteous to
colleagues and customers…. be indispensable…..
Oya, let’s talk
about how you calmed your angry customer… what did you do? Did you enter the
rest room and scream? Did you smile at the customer but beat him blue black in
your heart?? (I am guilty of this one)……..
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