My mother!!
Who sat and watched
my infant head,
While sleeping on
my cradle bed,
And it’s not me who
wrote that pooooeeem,
My mother!!
My mom is an
amaaazing woman!! She’s beautiful, intelligent, Godly and S-T-R-I-C-T!!!!!
She is a
disciplinarian to the core. My mom will flog you and you will sing of the
goodness of the Lord. I mean, we all had koboko, custom made, from Watt market,
lying in piles in her room. When you mess up, just start crying because my mom
is a strong believer in the book of Proverb 13:24. You can never get “used” to her flogging.   ´”They are new every morning, new every
morning, great is thy faithfulness”….
Hallelujah somebody!!!
It’s worse when you
have those “busy bodies
neighbours that come to your house as early as 6:00am to “greet” your
mother. They probably saw you talking to a guy the previous night.
I clearly remember
one time my neighbour saw me talking to this guy, and I tell you it was
innocent!!(Why is it so hard for you to believe me??)…rolls eyes.
I was in SS1 or so,
and was supposed to take part in a quiz, but didn’t go to school that day. He
was bringing me up to speed, and we were standing under a mango tree,
discussing. People of God…MANGO TREE!!! This woman told my mom I was standing
beside a flower talking to a boy. I wan die!! This is a true example of when
your village people do tarry night on your matter…
Next thing I heard?
Andikan!! Andikan!!!!!! Come here!!!
See my mom will
flog you and all you will hear is Fiam!!! You this child!! Fiam!! Fiam!! I did
not give my mother headache!! Fiam!! Fiam!! Fiam!! You will not kill me!! And
you here will be shouting “mummy please ooo….she will say, “if I hear
peem!! You’ll see!! Just put your hand, I will cancel it”. How on earth
will I not rub my little behind???
Then to crown it
all, as she’s leaving the house, she will tell you to wash beans for moi moi,
wash bitter leaf for soup (all those chores wey no get head), tidy the house
and wash the plates…mop the floors…and she will say it soo casually like
she just asked you to boil egg…sai!!! my mother ooooo
Has your mom
flogged you before and you wondered deep in your heart if she really is your
mom?? Looool…I did that many times!!
But looking back,
nna mehn, the flogging shaped me and addressed my wrongdoings, and I will
forever cherish the values it instilled in me. I love you mommmmmy!!!
Dedicated to all
the good moms and intending moms out there!!
About the Author
Here is what Andikan Inyang also known as ‘Sparks’ has to say about herself………………….

a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present
day banker…..and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my
pen…….therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing
and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.

Oluwole Olusanya
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