Love, love! Mbok, you need to see me with the love of my life; Cinderella has nothing on us. My DM was swamped with love messages even my WhatsApp status. A day does not go by without me professing how much he means to me, without me confessing how glad I am to have him in my life.

Yes, they were not wrong when they say Calabar girls know how to love. I know they say some other things about us like how we can cook, keep a home and make the bed in za-other-room. These are all true and please do not stop me to ask any question but let me pose one to you. What is a love union without varieties to choose from? I know you will say variety is the spice of love, but have you been to an Event Planner lately?

I had 5 big albums on my laps to pick the perfect venue, perfect decor and sitting arrangement. 10 years ago, I do not think we had such luxury. People just had a few Event centers to pick from but most loved having their reception at the church hall or their parents’ compound. Me? I no dey form o, I would have had it in my father’s backyard but trust my igbo boyfriend. He and his family must represent so a big event center with the right decor was lit.

Trust me, I did not go through this punishment alone. I went with Chuks so that we can stress our eyes with all the elegant decors and event centers. When it came to the sitting arrangement, my darling screamed that they should do it the traditional way. That is where it ended.

After the stress, we left the decision on the venue and decor to the event planner. We just told her our colors, provided the guest list and budget. This cannot be part of our wedding planning stress abeg.

Andikan Inyang
As a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present day banker.....and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my pen.......therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.