Waiting for your
result, be it an exam, or a simple test, is quite daunting. You are afraid of
failing, letting many people down….and being left with this “not good enough” feeling.
My kids at school
did give me joy though. Look at my little Bella naija, Clinton my boy, Dodi
Dodi, Pam Pam, just 2yr olds, could identify over 15 animals, many shapes, and
we were making progress with alphabets and numbers. Teaching is really a joyful
Back home, we went
about preparing condiments for the delicacy we were about to cook….the
popular and widely enjoyed “Afang
soup specials
The result for the
Immigration test was out!! How did I know? My mom sent a text message. I
quickly dropped the pestle, grabbed my phone and searched for my name, couldn’t
find it!!!!! I hissed and continued pounding my afang. In my mind, I had
concluded it was the same tricks being played on Nigerians that the whole test
was a facâde, and the top “ogas” already had slots….for once I was
proved wrong.
About an hour
later, Orobo called to ask if I’d seen my name, I sadly said no. He told me he
saw it, I didn’t believe my ears. He advised I should use a laptop instead of a
phone. With all excitement, I rushed to check it up on mom’s lappy, Lo and
Behold, my name was there!!! Assistant Superintendent…One star officer
baby!!! Just 8 officers, out of over 20,000 graduates that applied for the
position were considered, nothing or nobody did this…- THE GOD CONNECTION!!
(funny enough, nobody believes I didn’t “work” it).
On the site they
posted our names, we were told to expect a mail that would give us directives
on our next course of action, date of interview and venue.
I waited and
waited, no mail!! Was this a game?? Other people had received theirs, just me,
why me?? Why does fate always have to deal with me?
To be continued…

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Here is what Andikan Inyang also known as ‘Sparks’ has to say about herself………………….

a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present
day banker…..and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my
pen…….therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing
and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.

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