I miss the
innocence of my secondary school days ehh! when guys genuinely asked girls out
and watched friendship blossom into long standing relationships. When they had
no ulterior motives!
I had a crush which
later progressed into a friend. He was good looking!! Tall, fair, nice jaws,
composed…our present day Alex Ekubo… (Can
you stop drooling now??)
Trust me the crushing was mutual.
He would send me
handwritten letters, all the way from ****** high school (see una self!) to FGGC. You remember all those papers
that had flowers drawn on them, and then he would spray the paper with a nice
perfume…didn’t matter if it was N150 perfume then, put it in an envelope and
seal it. And he would write,
Hello beauty, I am writing to you this
afternoon with a pen picked from my basket of love….lwkmd
nobody gave you a handwritten letter, please get off the internet and prepare
for your common entrance…*straightface*
He would go on and
on talking about your eyes, your smile…and all the innocent stuff, which
would leave me blushing as all my friends squeezed behind me to read my foreign
I mean, the first
time we met, the sweetest thing to do was hold hands…we strolled, talked, and
I laughed, that day I slept with my eyes open, counting the stars and smiling
all night. Nobody was thinking of ‘shakitibobo
Then during
birthdays, valentines and all…ladies and guys usually bought gifts according
to the size of their pockets and it was appreciated honestly. We got picture
albums, cards, N120 perfumes, small plastic roses as gifts.
Someone will buy
Coldstone ice-cream for you today and be waiting for hug. The most annoying ones are the ones who volunteer to pay your transport
fare in the taxi and feel entitled to owning your phone number…biko! take
several seats. Ogini?? Is our destiny tied together??
Lmao…see me
talking like I am 50 years old…some peeps have already murdered me in their
hearts…biko no vex!! I miss those days mehn!! If you lived in that era, you
would appreciate my crazy musings. Lemme go back to my daydreaming.
 Moral lesson
1. Be yourself….any day…anytime!!
2. Cut your coat according to the size of
material you have…
3. Define yourself for yourself, so you don’t
get caught up in the definition of others for you.
play a game! Let us catch people who don’t read to the end. Read my long write
up and comment with the name of your high school crush only!! And if someone
else comments otherwise, we will reply the person with “clears
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