I have a big mighty
secret most of my closest friends don’t know about….and I am about to share
it, not because it’s sweet..but just would inspire a few people.
I got admitted into
the Federal University of Technology, yola, to study Chemical Engineering. I
didn’t love the course at first because I always wanted to be a pilot….still
do…*shines teeth*, but that is in the past now.
There was freshers
orientation organized for new students to give us basic knowledge about school
life.. I didn’t attend it!! Guess which one I attended?? FRESHERS NIGHT!!! Oh
yes!! I am not ashamed to say I made a silly choice. Attending freshers’ night
isn’t bad….what you go there to do is your cup of ginger spiced zobo…if you
followed any of the brothers home that night…your cup of kunu.
Back to the topic
at hand, I missed out on learning about CGPA, course credits, how to maximize
it….sooo many things. So I just studied, went for lectures and I read like
every average student would.
First semester,
GBAM!!! Result was pasted. One thing about my school, they paste your ID
number, and all your grades in your courses, plus your GP. I saw mine, 3.28, my
very first GP, and in my very smaaaaall and unexposed mind, I was overjoyed!! I
felt I had arrived and this was the best GP ever!! I composed one mind blowing
text and sent to my dad.
good evening, my result is out and I had….As….Bs and…Cs, my GP is 3.28.
Join me in thanking God oooo
“.  Just negodu!!
The reply I got
from him mehn…it brought down my vibe instanta!! He said, “if you want
to graduate with a 2-1, you better sit up and stop being happy with this
result”. I was sad, i just felt he didn’t want to rejoice with me so I
don’t lose focus. I STILL DIDN’T ASK ABOUT CGPA!!
We had a borrowed
course from Mechanical engineering department, applied mechanics, how can I
forget its name??….*rolling my eyes*. I had been fed terror stories about the
lecturer and the course and how half of the students MUST carry it over. From
that moment, I lost interest in the course; I disliked the course and hated the
lecturer…why? My mindset!! I stopped attending lectures except it was
extremely necessary. Guess what? I carried over the course. Yes na, what did
you expect??
A very humbling
experience, Attendance in that carry over course was compulsory. I had to
attend lectures with my juniors and the lecturer used every means possible to
humiliate us. Funny enough, I kept my head down and studied that course. I went
through past questions and noticed he had a consistent format. His questions
had 3 sections, the first was compulsory with the highest mark; the other two
were on random topics. I studied various examples on the first questions and
relaxed. I knew I would show him shege
when it was time. Exams came, I walked into the hall boldly, saw him standing
with that smirk on his long face. He kept the “carry over” students where he could watch us, the space
between us ehh, don’t bother stretching your neck, and you will die young!!
I answered question
one perfectly!!! Dropped my pen and sat down. I knew it was more than enough to
get me a C, I wasn’t looking for an A or B, I just needed to stop this romance
with the course. He kept asking if I was done, and it was my turn to smile. I
had a C in that course eventually.
This was the year I
started asking questions about CGPA. My CGPA was 3.03 now. My exam officer
encouraged me, told me to put in more effort in the courses with high credit
I had my first
4point semester GP. That’s when I knew I had been dulling myself. It pushed my
CGPA towards a second class upper. Second semester, we went for our 6months
industrial attachment.
I put in my very
best…and by the end of first semester, I was in the second class upper
category. Congratulations kept pouring in. I didn’t lose focus, because I knew
I was standing on thin ice.
Prior to this, we
were also told stories of this course, CRE, Chemical Reaction Engineering. You
do one part in first semester, and the other part in second semester. They told
us, that it was a very tough course and just pray for an E!! I was scared, and
then I let myself hate the course!! I still read…but it wasn’t good enough, I
didn’t put in enough effort like I did in other courses, guess what? I FAILED
it. Yess!! I did, not because I was a dull student, but because I hated the
Not many people
know of my year 6, maybe family and very few friends. Most people thought my
school delayed in processing our names for NYSC, but I had a carry over. I had
to spend one extra year for just one course!! And the painful part, it was a
second semester course. The part that tore my emotions into shreds was that I
had gone back into a 2-2. I was heartbroken; my eyes were filled with tears as
the new annoying exam officer kept yelling at me at the top of his voice, that
I was playing around. I shook my head; the look I gave him was strong enough to
strangle a lion. I walked out of his office, broken.
Then fate brought
this heaven sent lecturer to me. This is a man that owes me nothing!! He just
does his business in the department, no problems with anyone. He came out of
the office and rushed after me, called me aside, said I shouldn’t listen to the
exam officer. He told me he had a solution for me, and that I can still make a
2:1. All this while I kept quiet because I knew if I opened my mouth, I would
start crying. He brought out a piece of paper, did some plenty calculations and
asked me to follow him.
He drove me in his
car to chemistry department. We got in; he met a fellow lecturer and explained
my “condition” to him. The man allowed me to pick 4 courses from his
department to add to my spill over course, so I would not be idle, and to also
boost my GP.
This is when I took
up the teaching job, to keep myself busy too. Fast forward to the end, I
studied hard and made 4As in my borrowed courses and a C in my failed course. (I
did same thing like my first carry over, answered the compulsory question and
dropped my pen…loool).
And yes, I made the
the moral of my school history?
1. Do not
underestimate the power of your mind. When you set a goal…and work towards
it…i can bet you will write your success story. Your minds have the ability
to achieve much more than you can imagine…just have the right mindset. Try
yourself just once…push yourself a bit…you are done with ICAN..go for
ACCA… will be shocked at what you can accomplish.
2. Never give up!!!
I am not interested in how many times you have failed your ICAN exams or had to
resit your credit certification course..or CIBN..i want to know if you ever
tried again. Pick up that like never before..keep going back till
you get it!!
3. Never ever stop
learning!!! You have your OND now..what happened to HND??? With your Bsc..BEng
and all..what new professional course has been added to your portfolio?? When
you stop start dying…Go for the next level..keep moving!!!
Knowledge is power!!! Think on these things!!
Mr moderator, panel
of judges, I hope with these few points of mine, I have been able to convince
you that learning should be an everyday thing.
Thank you!!
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