of An Ekaette in Lagos (Chapter 002)

 So…before coming to Lagos, I had been drilled

  • ·        
    Not walking late at night,
  • ·        Hugging and embracing your handbags
    like it is your life when you are walking on the road.
  • ·        
    Never make calls on the road
  • ·        
    Putting your bags under the seat

So, the routine for
me is to leave home as early as 6:10am, get a bus, keke or motorcycle to the
junction where the staff bus would pick me up. This distance is not far at all,
but I would not walk that lonely stretch and I prefer a bike because I do not
believe that I can do a bit of spider woman if any man tries anything funny.
Interestingly, I
hailed this bus which was going in my direction and quickly got in. After a
minute, I took in my surroundings and I realized I was the only female in the
bus. Two guys were behind me, a hefty guy was right beside me and the driver
and another guy was in front.
People of God,
there was no prayer I didn’t recite in 10 seconds. To make matters worse, two
young guys stopped the bus and jumped in, as if that wasn’t enough, they saw no
other seat apart from mine. So, you have me squashed between three men…the only
lady in the bus!!!!!!
At this moment, I
knew I was in trouble. I was shivering and sweating but I kept a bold face. I
held on to my bag tightly, then left the bag jare, because if these ones wanted
to steal from me…only one backhand slap….and
I will give them my bag and shoes sef. I couldn’t wait to get down, as we were
approaching my bus stop, I started tapping the driver to stop, I didn’t want to
go any further. My dear, don’t mind Big Shaq… #manwashot!!! I didn’t take off
my jacket but I needed fresh air.
Luckily for me, he
stopped. As I alighted, the two young men jumped down too. In my mind I said,
one of us will die today oooo. I flew across the road before they finished
surveying the environment. They were shouting across the road, “sister why are you running?? Who is
pursuing you?
” See, I was deaf and dumb but I could see…I ran faster than
Usain Bolt…to the other side of the road where people in flesh and blood were
standing…..I cannot come and like what I hate…
Now, maybe my
hyperactive imagination was at play here…or really, something terrible would
have happened to me but it felt better to make sure I did everything I could to
save myself from an eventuality.
Moral Lesson – Be
careful, be observant and watch out for strange people around you. Don’t stay
out late, don’t keep strange company…
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