In my first year, I
stayed in the hostel like most freshers, after my parents left me in the hands
of extra strict church guardians, so I didn’t even think of staying outside
school or eyeing the girls who stayed there.
After falling from
my upper bunk bed twice and spraining my ankle, in addition to the toilet
condition, (flies almost as big as
butterflies with their loud buzzing that can drive you crazy
) waking up as
early as 4:00am to have your bath if you intend to meet a semi-clean toilet.
Nobody told me twice to get an accommodation outside school.
I stayed with my friend;
in fact let’s call it a girl’s hostel. We were 5 girls staying in that single
spacious room. You can sleep on the floor or on the bed, depending on who got
to it first, and the rule was, if you are on the bed, no pillow for you. You
have to give it up for floor members.
Our compound was
quite spacious, with many rooms rented out to students. In the evenings, we
would keep mats outside and relax, and gist with neighbors till late into the
night, before retiring to our various rooms. During Harmattan period in the
North, its bloody hot in the day time, and chilly at night.
On this wonderful
night, we were asleep. I was on the floor with another friend, two were on the
bed and one slept out that night. We didn’t bother locking the door because we
needed the cool breeze, no be today NEPA start to misbehave, my people.
I slept on the
floor, the pillow to myself and my NGN600 under my pillow. Yes! You read right!!
That was all I had home and abroad. Nobody should ask me any question ooo…i
am not well.
I was sleeping
peacefully, probably dreaming of you (side eye) when all of a sudden, the
pillow was dragged from underneath my head. At first I thought it was the
normal prank of my friends, who, when they feel you are fast asleep, “snatch” the pillow.
Immediately, I
jumped up to possess my possession but Lo and behold, I saw 4 hefty men in our
room!!!! In fact, I was the only one asleep because my roommates were awake but
in shock!! I just ‘jejely’ shifted
far back to one corner of my room beside my fellow floor member. They were
holding heavy machetes and sticks, it was dark, so I had no idea whether they
held guns too.
They were asking
for our phones, money and all. How that thief knew about the money under my
pillow still shocks me. They collected my friend’s gold wristwatch and other jewelries,
her phones and money.
As for my friends
on the bed, they collected their phones and were asking for money. One of them
said she had no money, and I totally believed her but one of the armed robbers didn’t,
he gave her a resounding slap!!! Turned her around and removed the money from
her trouser.
How did he know
there was money there? He didn’t search both pockets, just dipped his hand into
the right pocket, removed the money and shoved her aside. Now, let us analyze
this slap for a minute. You know that kind of slap that hits you and you start
asking yourself questions and answering them all at once, that’s what happened.
My friend started asking this guy “oh, I had the money??”, “ahh!
Yes I didn’t know it was there”.
You know, when I
think of it now, it is freaking hilarious, but then we were so scared!!
They now turned to
me and asked for my phone; believe me my phone was in my bag!! I searched my
bag and couldn’t find it. I just ‘kukuma’
give them the bag. They turned it upside down and nothing came out. And
they left me, just like that. I was literally shaking like a leaf.
They proceeded to
enter our kitchen and carried my 10litres of original palm oil!! Chai!!,
foodstuff!! Plus our shoes!! Broke a** thieves mehn!! When they left, I checked
my bag again, because I couldn’t understand the magic about my phone. Imagine
the phone just sitting in the inner pocket. I was soooo happy.
We now turned our
attention to our ‘lie-lie’ friend! How can you lie to a machete-wielding thief
that you have no money when you had some?? Is that how much you hate yourself??
Over how much?? 10k?? We were angry mehn!!
A friend once told
me, if an armed robber asks for your phone, remove your wristwatch and necklace
and add….no material thing is worth your life. I am not trying to scare
anyone but this is a wake-up call to be security conscious because we are
approaching the period our people call “ember month
Moral Lesson
 – Report suspicious movement and hovering
around your home or/and place of work.
 -Avoid extravagant lifestyles; it’s a magnet
for almost anything these days.
 -And please don’t ever try to be James Bond if
you ever come in contact with them.

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