Someone sent me a true-life story about a woman who caught her rapist in a banking hall, 8months after the incident. Talk about deadly coincidence.

Read below:

A Banker took to Twitter to narrate how a bank customer who came to do her BVN registration during the late rush, caught the man who kidnapped and raped her in Delta State.

“Those kinds of blood-curdling screams only women can utter. Now when I hear such screams at work, one thing comes to mind, Robbers! And so I awaited the gunshots and scampering customers as usual. While I got ready for hell.

The last time it happened customers all rushed into my office to hide, I smiled. If only they knew my office is always the first point of call.

Back to the scream, this one was different it kept getting louder and more chilling, Yet no gunshots nor scampering of customers and so I stepped out to see the screams were coming from a middle-aged married lady while grabbing young jeans sagging dude. Strange.

At this point peeps were asking her what the matter was…she ignored everyone and was trying to make a call while still holding him.

She was trying to make a call. Next thing she spoke into the phone: “Honey the Lord has caught them,” and then some uttering in Urhobo language. Then she shouted to the dude “I don catch u. Shebi u don rape me finish?”

By this point, I had called the MOPOL. She shouted “see the kidnapper wey kidnap me for February. e rape me!”

Before I could ask how? When? She said “I see him tattoo e get scorpion for him waist!”

Turned out, while on the queue the dude was sagging his jeans and she saw the tattoo.

At this point, the boy punched her, pushed the next guy, jumped the stairs, was heading towards the bulletproof doors, MOPOL was stunned and before he could react, the dude was out. Sadly for him, as he emerged from the doors, the other MOPOL shot him in the knee. Another scream again. Day of screams.

So I call the nearest DPO for backup. At this point the lady was now narrating her story, that she was kidnapped in February and they raped her regularly. She said: “Shebi when u dey rape me I beg u? Wetin u tell me? Say make I relax. I thank God say una no kill me.”

The dude was asked to pull down his boxers. Lo and behold the scorpion tattoo with the “boss” inscription. At this point the customers had become a mob, all hustling to lynch the dude. There were calls for tires and fuel.

Luckily the DPO’s patrol arrived. Meanwhile, the dude was on a confession spree till he was whisked away. The lady’s husband also arrived and off they went while I went back to my exciting banking hall. Shocking!!!!

I don’t pray for this to happen to anyone, not even my enemy. I had a friend who was raped and it affected her emotionally. She became stone-cold towards men.

Andikan Inyang
As a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present day banker.....and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my pen.......therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.