Yes you read
right!! I won’t pray for Paris, before you judge, take a few minutes to read
On the 13th of
November, we watched the News in shock as we saw what had happened in Paris.
Multiple planned suicide bombs by terrorists that left scores of people dead
and many others seriously injured.
Naturally, this is
a shock to Paris, and the world in general and we mourned…or better yet,
still mourn.
Now fast forward to
few hours later, I started noticing flag colours of France on almost every BBM
contact I had with their faces in the photo. I came online, almost every
facebook contact had the same profile picture. Hmmmmmn!! Very strange!! Then
the hashtag #PrayForParis started to trend!! Wow!! Really??!!
Trust Nigerians, we
are the leaders when it comes to copying, but if you sincerely take a survey,
not up to one-third of them took a minute to #PrayForParis.
Maybe this whole
trend is just our normal way of saying we are current…or we have the news at
our fingertips…or maybe another avenue to “feel among”….give it
5days and watch it fade.
Okay!! Come back
home, let me brief you on more “CURRENT” things happening in our very
own backyard that we all seem to be oblivious about…that isnt
“trending”…neither are we “praying” about!!
– Between 2009 –
2015, Bokoharam has killed roughly 17,000 Nigerians. No green white green!!
*Hold on, there’s
– January 3–7 – 2015
Baga massacre, Boko Haram militants razed an entire village and killed over
2,000 people.
*No facebook
– March 7, 2015 –
Five suicide bomb blasts leave 54 dead and 143 wounded in Maiduguri.
Did we weep??
Noooo!! Just a few ohhhs and ahhhhs…that was all.
– June 22, 2015 –
Maiduguri Mosque Bombing – 30 killed at a crowded mosque by 2 young female
suicide bombers.
*wait for it, there
is still more.
– July 1-2, 2015
Mosque Massacres – Boko Haram militants attacked multiple mosques between July
1st and 2nd. Forty-eight men and boys were killed on the 1st at one mosque in
Kukawa. Seventeen were wounded in the attack. Ninety-seven others, mostly men,
were killed in numerous mosques on the 2nd, with a number of women and young
girls killed in their homes.
* we didnt even fly
the flag half mast!!
I can go on and on,
but this would be reopening wounds that are healing in the lives of affected
My friend Ekemini
 “Nigerians have been numbed to the death
and suffering of their own. Many have become indifferent. We now compare
casualty figures like ordinary statistics, as if they aren’t human lives.
But we are quick to
condemn the tragedies in other nations, quick to sympathize like altruistic
angels. We overlook our own pain to console others.
Our hypocrisy knows
no bounds. SHAME ON US!!!”
I am no pessimist
but I quite agree with what Ekemini said…I am a realist!!
Some folks may say,
Paris cared during the #BringBackOurGirls campaign.
I am not concerned
about Paris, the whole essence of this write up points an accusing finger at
YOU!! What did you do then?? What are you doing now??
I share in the pain
of what people in Paris are going through, I empathize genuinely…but
Nigerians, is this the way forward?? Jumping at every opportunity to show
solidarity when your home is in shambles??
Did we ever think
to channel this solidarity and put relevant authorities in our country in the
hot seat so we can see results?? Or do you think Paris achieved so much peace
by changing DPs and Facebook Profile Pictures??
So once again, No!!
I wont pray for Paris! I wont put up a mere flag showing solidarity when my
brothers and sisters die in my country like flies and no one blinks. I chose to
go down on my knees, and pray for people who have lost and are still losing,
the people in the hospitals suffering strange incurable ailments that have no
name, I chose to pray for that little girl that has lost her family in sudan, I
chose to pray for people dying from hunger in war torn countries…no I wont
pray for Paris, I chose to pray for families that lost friends and families in
the Russian Crash and nobody remembers!! Nobody feels their grief!! I wont
raise a flag for Paris, I chose to pray for girls sold into sexual slavery to
On a final note to
Nigerians, NO!! I wont pray for Paris because the evil we pray against in
faraway France lives and blossoms in our backyards.

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