MY STRANGE BESTFRIEND: Let’s call him ‘Your Royal Flyness!!
I can comfortably define a best friend as that person who loves you, is concerned about your wellbeing, respects you but does not succumb to all your views, can look you in the face and tell you truths that may be hard to accept. You may not necessarily speak every day, but you know he/she is always within reach. Well, I have two of such people in my life and they happen to be guys…truth!!
I dunno, but girls mostly have guys as best friends and the true ones usually blossom into unbreakable friendships. I guess why girls do not have female best friends is because it comes with a lot of drama and the betrayals are most times messy. I may be wrong though.
‘How many of you remember 2go?? See them hiding their faces. Now you are denying your express music phone because of your S8, Note 8 and iPhone abi?’ Issorite!! Don’t forget 2go ruled the social network once!!  If you were not on 2go, nobody here is your mate, oya step aside!!
Back to it, I was a 2go expert. My best part was the game room. I would play the word game and
teach them lessons!! I was goooood!!!
Then this guy said ‘hi!!’ Normally I don’t like chatting up strangers, because most of them ruin it with ‘hey baby’, ‘hi sexy’, ‘please warris dat???’ It’s a big turn off.
So I quickly went to his profile, it sounded a bit mature…plus he wasn’t
looking bad *winks*…and I said hello too. We got talking. He was different!! Very intelligent and He was able to hold a decent conversation without drifting to that lame line which was common then…”I think I like you“.
We talked about everything!! School, church, work (I was doing my industrial attachment then).
We talked about all the toasters, plus the ‘magas‘ that were pestering my life, his school (he read geology and schooled in one of the federal universities in the North), his quiet life, all his field trips, how the ladies crushed on him…looool. It was fun. I would stay up late at night chatting because he made chatting interesting!!
He asked for my phone number….in my head, I was like ‘ehen!! e don happen’. I hated giving out my phone number…it’s very personal to me. So I tried something funny…I wrote down my phone number minus the last digit….and went offline immediately.
If you must be my friend…mehn you had to work for it then oo…imagine now…oh yesss!
My last digit is 5. He must have started trying from 0-4, then I saw his call, but I ignored it. He continued trying from 6-9, it wasn’t me. He came back to 5, and I picked his call, and finally spoke to him for the first time, after months of chatting.
I didn’t get to see this strange best friend until 2years later. By this time, he had proven to be reliable, trustworthy and most of all – my confidant. He would call and ask of my courses, he knew the ones giving me headache.. and knew everything I went through in school.. He also knew about my big secret…the spill over remember?? Lol
I was in Abuja for a visit in 2011 if I remember clearly. I told him I was around and would love to meet him. We were so excited. Lol…’like it was a first date…actually it was….a first best friend date.’ I dressed up, took my time oo.., made sure everything was in place; I needed to be on point ‘to represent wella’.
He called some minutes later that he was outside the compound, I had given him directions. I stepped out, ‘Lo and behold!!! There stood this 6ft tall super handsome 4eyed friend’…loolz… I am the only one permitted to call him that. Wow!! I wasn’t crushing on him oo.. (Andikan speak the truth and shame the devil). But my best friend is handsome and presently ‘deliciously’ single!!!
He recognized me instantly!! He called me sparks!! And I turned all shades of crimson red!! He uses medicated shakara glasses. We exchanged pleasantries and started walking, looking for a nice sit out. I still remember what we took that day, ‘fayrouz and meatpie’…lol.
We talked like we had known forever….’I was suddenly shy…me?? Madam talkative!! And he was feeling very fly!!’ Lool
Anyway, he remained highly relevant in my life, supporting me through betrayals, let downs and bad relationships….not once did he try to exploit his position as best friend. In 6years of true friendship, I have seen him face to face twice!! Yeah, only two times, yet he has had more impact in my life than I can imagine – Academically, mentally and spiritually.  Crazeman!!
He had the guts to tell me that he went to my church and was sleeping with his eyes wide open because he was bored.. I almost died laughing that day…but he loves God. It’s rare to find friends that are cool, educated, and humble and love God too.
You think relationships are always smooth? No. We had fights like normal friends do. At a point in my life, I didn’t keep in touch with him and those were one of his down moments. I let him down. I should have been there to support. After all, friendship is a two way thing. I allowed my busy schedule get in the way.
When I suddenly remembered him, I had almost lost a dear friend. He ignored my calls, didn’t reply messages. I couldn’t find him on whats-app, Facebook…he disappeared. I was scared!! I thought something bad had happened to him. I prayed, cried my eyes out. I would wake up late at night to try his line…and it kept ringing and no answer. Just by chance, I saw a number he used in calling me once, sent a whats-app message…and begged the person to please help me reach out to him,
that I was super worried. Guess who this person was?? His mom!!!
I thank God for mothers!!! After she talked to him, he decided to reach out. At first I wanted to get mad, but when I listened, I realized the words were heavy and true…I had to apologize…and we mended our patches. This young man is my best friend, confidant, adviser, coach and critic. ‘Jesus!!
He will criticize your work, life go tire you. And it actually makes me a better person.’
So I write this about you Richard!! His royal ‘flyness!!
Yes I called you out…no vex, I no add your surname…lol’
You are one of the best people I know, and I pray I never lose your respect and friendship!! I appreciate you being a part of my life!! And agreeing to give my toast at my wedding!!
Yes, you are one strange best friend…but you are the true definition of friendship!! You are loved and treasured!!
 *ladies send in your application.. I will handle screening personally *winks*
Andikan Inyang
As a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present day banker.....and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my pen.......therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.