Don’t get it twisted. Never allow time or your age to be a parameter of measuring progress or stagnation, success or failure. Your age should not determine if you are early or late in pursuit of your purpose in life. If only you understand that God does not work in and with time. He already had a plan and program for your life before you arrived. He knows the end from the beginning.

Age has put a lot of persons under pressure. Most of us can not publicly declare our age because somehow, we believe that our social, financial, and marital status is not proportional or in sync with our age. You tell yourself, at this age, I should have been married, I should have had my kids, I should have gotten my property, I should have gotten an MBA, and I should have made more money. What has age got to do with it? That you got married at your prime is not a guarantee that you will have kids. So why kill yourself over what you have and have not achieved at your age?

I have also seen people that get all worked up when people they perceive as successful declare their age and it happened that they achieved so much at a very young age. A lot of people go the extra mile, sticking their necks out just to prove that they lied about their age. What has age got to do with it?

I don’t know what you have achieved or not achieved, but I do know that irrespective of how much some people have gotten out of life, they will immediately fall into depression if an original birth certificate that shows they are four years older than they thought they were is produced. And I ask again, why? What has age got to do with it?

Let me point out some truth about time and age.

Do you know that no hard and fast law says the older person dies first? So if you are much younger, don’t be deceived to think that someone older is closer to his grave than you are. We do not pray for premature death, but when you understand that death can come to you at any time regardless of how old or young you are, it changes the way you live your life. It helps you maximize the opportunity of being alive and also helps you to better prepare for life in the great beyond. Yes. When it has to do with people dying or staying alive, age has got absolutely nothing to do with it. So if you are alive. Stay grateful.

Do you know that the saying ‘age is just a number is a statement of fact? Age is just a number and that is why people can go to court to secure a document that enables them to reduce or increase their age without any commensurate change in their morphological and mental formation. Age declaration does not add anything to your life span.

Old age does not necessarily make you wise. Wisdom is not a function of how long you have been around. You can be around for so long and yet know so little. How you look (image or public perception) and how you feel (self-perception) is much more important than your age?

On a lighter note, talking about marriage, I would rather marry an older woman (on paper), but who does not look older physically and whose reasoning is in the same frequency as mine, than getting married to a girl who on paper is much younger but her outward appearance is saying something different. This age is not written on anybody’s forehead. Much more important than your age is how you feel about yourself, how you look, and how you decide to live your life daily. Healthy living, success, and happiness have nothing to do with age.

What exactly am I trying to say? I don’t know how old you are, but the truth is that when it comes to fulfilling life’s purpose and living a successful life, you can’t be too early or too late to start. God does not use time to change anybody. Life does not answer to your Age, neither do challenges respond to your age too, rather life moves at the speed of your passion. God is not looking at how old you are to give you a job, a spouse, a house, a career breakthrough, a child, or whatever it is you think you are too old or too young to accomplish.

When you think you have been able to accomplish so much at a very young age, probably an MBA, a spouse, a good job, wonderful kids, and what have you, be grateful to God because they were all in the plan. It has got absolutely nothing to do with your age.

Life always presents us with a cross and a crown. For some of us, we are carrying our cross but be rest assured that the crown is ahead. For some folks, the crown came first, but brace yourself up because the cross will come, but it won’t kill you. It will only make us stronger and grateful for how far we have come.

Life is good. Life is beautiful. Do not let your age put you under any kind of pressure. God can never be late in your case. Just make sure you’ve found a reason to live. If you can’t fly, run. If you can’t run, walk. If you can’t walk, crawl. Just make sure you are moving. In his own time, everything will fall into place. Pending when that happens, stay grateful and you will make the most of life. Age has got nothing to do with it. Love you all.

I chose to live one day at a time….and make lemons out of lemonade life throws at me.

Andikan Inyang
As a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present day banker.....and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my pen.......therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.