Now, let’s open the book of Andikan chapter 1 VS 1 which states that: Four creatures doth she hates that creepeth upon the surface of the earth. Rats, flies, cockroach and mosquitoes.

So imagine my dilemma when I came to Lagos and saw ‘Okon Calabar’ (mighty rat) crossing the street, I jumped into my house thinking I was safe. Few hours later, I was inside my room at 10:00pm, I put off the light so I could sleep… 5mins later … I heard people discussing… I said ‘mbanu!! It can’t be!! I am the only one in my room’. I put on the light and looked around…and the discussion stopped. Absolute silence! I laughed at myself… “my mind was playing a trick on me”. I thought as I put off the light again…and this time it was choruses. I said “ah ah!!!” I checked the cupboard…under the bed and no one. All of them did mannequin challenge. I endured this family meeting all night. The next week…I decided to start playing music all night so I could sleep; I am sure the rats learnt the lyrics of “wait for me” by Johnny Drille and literally decided to wait for me!!

One dry afternoon, I sat down and was looking around my room. Wondering what on earth they were eating…only to see their mother stroll into their house…one Ghana must go bag. I just laid down back quietly in shock. I humbled myself in the traffic and bought rat gum but they stopped passing by the door and started going behind my bed. Again, I put it on the table, Oh, they won gold medal at the Olympic high jump and long jump.

After some weeks of practicing endurance, I said; “enough is enough!!! – One of us will be evicted today abi make all of us die here today!!!” – I immediately activated – Operation empty my room!!!! – I took out every single drawer and bag in the room…NO MERCY!! Took out the almighty cupboard. where they hold board meetings. Painstakingly!!!!

My joy knew no bounds when I laid on my bed that evening…and a small rat ran into my room. screamed and ran out immediately. I am very sure it felt it was in the wrong room. I smiled devilishly

 Andikan 1…Rats 0

Andikan Inyang
As a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present day banker.....and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my pen.......therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.