Yes!!! I had a very
close shave with death, and I still carry the scars on my body till date. But
what are scars compared to the gift of life?
Rewind back to my
second year in school.
As an engineering
student, you cannot run away from engineering drawing. I didn’t like it because
I didn’t do technical drawing in secondary school, so I didn’t know the basics,
and the lecturer wasn’t helping matters. He would just come into the lecture hall,
whisper to himself and the board, then leave after 10minutes. Isn’t that
witchcraft brethren?? We had to rely on the “gurus” to teach us, and
it wasn’t enough for me. So I was a constant ‘D’ or ‘E’ student.
We usually carried
out our drawing assignments in Architecture department because they had a big
drawing studio, and sound system to hit us with jams as we danced and drew all
night. I mean, the ladies didn’t have much work to do. Just go to one guru,
praise his good looks, laugh loudly at all his jokes (doesn’t matter if they
are funny or not), listen attentively to his gists even if sleep is killing
you, GBAM!! He will do all your drawings for you *oh yea* but sincerely, there
were nice guys who enjoyed helping out the ladies….don’t judge me…the
trauma of every Nigerian undergraduate..
Now, the road to
this department is very long, lonely and dark!! Students get robbed there,
those other students with uncommon guts go there to “read”. (if you
just coded the “reading”, you are 10seconds away from HELLFIRE
chai!!! (no be from my mouth you go hear say okro soup dey draw).
On this fateful
day, I was coming into school from town with my friend so we could meet up with
the drawing crew. We alighted at the school gate from the taxi and boarded
motorcycles to that department. We didn’t want to walk down that lonely road to
avoid stories that touch. My friend followed closely on another motorcycle
behind me. I was holding my cooler of hot rice and stew, garnished with some
serious kpomo….feeling very fly and fulfilled.
Barely 30seconds
elapsed, when from nowhere, another motorcycle tried to swerve into our lane
from the other side of the road without looking, and it was on such high speed.
It rammed into my motorcycle with so much force that my cooler of rice and
myself were flung into the air…my food went in a different direction. My meal
was gone!!!…*sobs*. From what I learnt later, people saw the meat and kpomo
at the accident site, but few minutes later, they couldn’t account for
it…lwkm!! Students!!
Okay, back to the
experience. The only word I remember shouting when we were hit was
“JESUS”!!! Yes!! That name saved me and changed the direction of my
fall. I landed on the road with the right side of my face and tip of my right
shoulder, very few metres away from the edge of the pedestrian walkway. I
blacked out!! Just take a minute to imagine if I had smashed my head on the
pavement, you would never have known me….
Now, I was told the
remaining part of the gist by my friend at the scene and some people who took
me to the hospital.
First for all, as I
laid on the road unconscious, with my blouse all open for the world to see, I
sat up, covered myself, lay back down on the road and blacked out again. Mehn!!
Who does that??
Secondly, another
guy lifted me onto a motorcycle and sat behind me (for support of course) and
was taking me to the school hospital. Midway into this journey, I came around,
and started screaming and shouting that I was being kidnapped. He had to calm
me down and explain to me that I was in an accident and we were on our way to
the hospital. I drifted back into unconsciousness.
By the time I was
fully awake, I was on the hospital bed. The doctor and nurses were cleaning my
wounds and checking for broken bones or fractures. The grim look on their faces
was enough to scare me. My cousin rushed in, took one look at me, went out and
started crying, this is someone older than me by about 4yrs. My colleagues were
already in the waiting room, thanks to my friend that called the whole world.
She even called our
lecturer who came and took care of my bills and prayed for me. You know up till
this moment, I did not know the extent of my injuries. I’d not seen my face
yet, and my body hurt like hell. The next morning, I finally got to see my
wounds. My face was swollen like power puff girls, the bruise on my face missed
my eyes by few millimetres. My upper lip cut into two, clean division! two of
my teeth broke off a bit, bruised shoulder and legs….pheew!! No broken bones.
I never knew I
would fully recover. One of my friends joked that my bride price had reduced
because of the scars that marked my face…for life. (I dare you to laugh, just
try it). But I didn’t turn out bad sha *wink*
Now, to the reason
I put this up, I have lost friends from “smaller” accidents and short
illnesses. I am not any better. So if I can’t be thankful for anything, let me
thank God for the gift of life!!
Ehen!! The lecturer
for that engineering course gave me a C, me that didn’t have continuous
assessment oo…and all my friends that said they “took care” of me,
passed too. *winks*
Always have a
thankful heart!! As long as there is life, there is hope!!
About the Author
Here is what Andikan Inyang also known as ‘Sparks’ has to say about herself………………….

a Chemical Engineering graduate, former Immigration Officer and present
day banker…..and most importantly, a foodie, I hide behind my
pen…….therein lies my strength. I hope to pursue a career in writing
and explore the world of poetry. So help me God.

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