Not really understanding the depth of the psychology and psyche of man, and also given to our general acculturation, we tend to be wary of the idea of self-love and see it, unknowingly, as self-conceit. But they are not the same. When self-love borders on conceitedness, arrogance, and empty pride, then it ceases to be self-love. It then becomes an act or attitude to make for emptiness and insecurities.

As a people, we are yet to understand what self-love is and its power. The core and foundation of our systems are not based on the true vision of self-love, but rather on the fear and the inadequacy of the self. This is starting on a wrong foot.

Kunle O. Daramola
Kunle O. Daramola is an individual that is passionate about exploring the farther reaches of the human mind. His fascination with a broader, enlightening and empowering perspective of life and existence has equipped him with leading-edge ideas on the paradigm shift that will launch humanity into its future of magnificence and individual empowerment. He anchors ‘Imagine’ on SHEFFA, a bi-weekly column where he shares his thoughts and general opinion on life. Read more of his articles on KUNDRAMS