Spring Shoe Guide

Four styles to upgrade your
wardrobe for spring

Written by Salvatore Marashi

We love our boots over here at
the GentleManual. Unfortunately, as the weather turns and the days start to get
warmer, it makes less and less sense to put on those suede Chelsea boots.
Instead, there are plenty of stylish options that don’t include sweating out
your feet in leather boots or slipping on those nasty flip-flops you’ve been
wearing since high school. Here’s our spring shoe guide with four of our
favorite styles. 
Sneakers: Simple Footwear

Sneakers are most definitely
in style. They also have the added benefit of being a timeless menswear staple.
Even better, they’re some of the most versatile footwear out there. Feel free
to throw them on with a simple t-shirt and trusty pair of jeans. Those sneakers
also look great dressing down a suit. Just stick to a pair of minimalist
sneakers for that. Simply put, every man should own a pair of good sneakers.
See what options are out
there. Just think, those chunky sneakers your dad puts on might actually be
what the cool kids are wearing. 
Trainers: What the Cool Kids
are Wearing

Trainers aren’t just for the
gym anymore. Street style has taken over the menswear industry. Sleek looks and
an unlimited range of colors will bring some life back into your footwear. With
spring here, there’s no excuse not to put away your somber black and brown
boots and wear something a little more comfortable. Be careful, some of the
designs out there can be a little much for our more reserved dressers. If that
sounds like you, gravitate towards colors like olive or teal. They’ll still
bring some excitement but won’t leave you in the middle of the spotlight.
Whether it’s drinking out with
friends or hitting the gym after work, trainers should be a staple of your
spring wardrobe.

Chukkas: The Classic Warm
Weather Footwear

Not ready to put your boots
away yet? Neither are we. Well, you don’t have to. Originally made for use by
the British Army fighting in the deserts of North Africa, Chukkas are the go-to
boots for when the sun is beating down. These boots give you that style upgrade
through spring and well into summer. Don’t be afraid to try out different
colors and materials. While normally popular in brown and sand, there are tons
of chukkas out there with plenty of dynamic colors.
Seriously, these boots are
mandatory for any fashionable guy out there. 
Espadrilles: The Adult

Sandals are rarely the right
shoe to be rocking. They inherently scream over casual and at worst leave you
looking clueless. Insert the espadrilles. Combining the laid-back comfort of a
sandal but without sacrificing any style. These Spanish shoes coming from
humble Basque style are perhaps the most fun footwear we have on this list.
Their looks range from simple and classy to definitive statement pieces.
They’re perfect for guys who
are up for trying something new out with their footwear.
While we’re always sad to see
our timelessly cool winter boots go back into the closet, spring opens up a whole
new world of footwear. Sneakers and trainers bring back that casual look we’ve
all missed while bundled up from the winter cold, while chukkas and espadrilles
rejuvenate style for the start of the outdoor season. This spring, make some
cool choices with our spring shoe guide and experiment with something new.
Let us know in the comments
how you upgrade your style for spring!

Salvatore Marashi

Kayode Ojo
Kayode Emmanuel Ojo is the Co-Founder and Managing Director at SHEFFA Limited. He is presently studying Computer Science at the National Open University, Victoria Island, Lagos.