Coming down from the staircase at the administration block, I saw Victor the guy I have been crushing on secretly coming upstairs with his two friends AY and Olawale.

‘See your babe’ AY teased him.

‘You too talk, big mouth,’ Victor replied with a frown.

I have secretly grown feelings for Victor over the years, sometimes, I sit close to the football field just to watch him play with his friends. But he never seems to notice me.

‘How do I communicate this to him, should I tell his friends to help me get his attention?’

Different thoughts ran through my mind that as I stood to leave, ‘hey’ he waved as he walked pass me.

‘Hi’ I waved back with a smile. ‘Ohhh’ finally he said something to me, I though as I smiled to the canteen. 

‘I see the way you also want to engage Victor in more discussions whenever I ask him to explain a subject to me. Hope you are not beginning to love him?’ Cynthia asked with a smile still holding the big spoon of rice.

‘No’ I answered also immediately with a frown as I picked up the pillow for support.

‘Babe, calm down we are not quarreling’ as she jumped on the bed to lay. ‘Tonia, Victor is in a relationship and he is not ready to double date.’ 

‘How do you know?’ I asked with a shock.

‘He knows you love him; he has been noticing your moves towards him lately.’ 

‘He knows you are from a wealthy family quite alright. But he said I should tell you he is not interested,’

Cynthia said with a low tone as if she knows those words will ring again in my mind.

‘He is not interested in you,’ those words kept echoing in my ears. ‘How do I tell him I love him? how do I tell him I can’t live a day without him?’ I kept asking myself questions as tears continue dropping down my eyes.


‘Ohhh, stop Victor, where are you taking me to? this place is dark’ I said with a scary voice.

‘Just follow me as he held my left hand to lead the way.’  Immediately a door opened we both entered everything is looking like magic. ‘It is not clear’ I muttered to myself. 

The room was decorated with lovely rose flowers, beautiful lightening, and with a cake on the bed.

‘I don’t understand what’s going on, I need explanations.’

‘Ahhh, nothing much to explain, baby,’ as he knelt down to touch my nails.

Immediately, Victor brought out a box from his left pocket. ‘Will you marry me’ he asked as he slowly open the box.

‘Yes, yes’ I will I screamed, ‘thank you, baby’ as he put the ring on my middle finger. 

He hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss. He carried me to the bed, kissed my body pull off my red gown, he pulls off his shirt, he immediately unzips his trousers, threw away his black belt one side, pull of his trouser, completed drag me closer to the bed, he pulled his undies to insert it, and Cynthia woke me up. ‘let’s go for evening lectures.’

‘Ohh,’ I was just dreaming as I robbed my eyes with my left hand but how I wish he will really propose to me. 

Ladies, get in here, lets help a friend, if you were Tonia, will you wait for such a day?

Have you ever found yourself in Tonia’s shoes, if yes, what was your reaction?

Idada Hope
HOPE IDADA AYOMEPOSI is a native of Delta state. She is a Content Creator, Storyteller, and a Social Media Manager. She exists to help individuals discover their true self, by developing their potentials and leaving them a better person than she met them. Follow her on Instagram.