Growing up as a girl, I thought love was the sweetest thing that can ever happen to a woman because of the phase; ‘love is sweet, love is beautiful’ was very popular when I was growing up but love became sour after tasting a bitter share. I promise never to love any man again.

‘I am seeing new faces in this street, who are those strangers?’ my sister Grace pointed at three tall dark guys passing by.

‘I don’t know them oo, maybe they just moved in’ I replied still wondering who they are.

‘Hmm, let it not be that they have come to rob us of our money like they did the last time’ she said.

‘Ahhh, Grace nah abah stop joor, you don’t really know them don’t label them as thieves’ I immediately cut her short.

Three weeks after, Kehinde, our new neighbor came to our store to buy some groceries.

‘Good afternoon, I want to buy washing soap’ he greeted with a smile.

‘Ok,’ as I stood up to sell.

‘And give me seven eggs and a loaf of bread.’

‘Hmmm, it seems you like eggs,’ I broke the silence.

‘No, not that, I just want to use it for breakfast as he handed over the money to me.’

‘Wow he has cute nails’ I said in my mind.  

Kehinde has been admiring me lately, he seems to be more comfortable with me than my sister Grace whenever he comes around to get something from our shop.

‘Omo, I don finally, get that babe.’

‘How did you go about it?’ Taiwo asked with a shock,

‘I went to their shop, as usual, to buy spaghetti and eggs even when I knew within myself I don’t need them. I went because she was the only one sitting in the shop.’

‘You don’t mean it. Sharp guy,’ Taiwo cut in as he rubs his palms in excitement waiting patiently to hear the next word.

‘I quickly hit the nail at the head. Trust me nah’ as he boasts.

‘She agreed?’ Taiwo screamed.

‘Man, trust me nah why she just smiled and said Yes.’

‘I am happy for you finally. My guy, you see that girl. She too they claim serious, abeg, hold her tight’ Taiwo advised his friend as both smiled.

After two weeks of friendship, Kehinde started asking me to come to his room and help him wash clothes.

‘Vicky, I don’t like the way you always react whenever I ask you to come over to my place, it is not far nah just the next building’ he complained to me on a Saturday evening.

‘You know too well that my parents are so thorough about my movement. I can’t come to your house’ I pleaded.

‘Kehinde, stop thinking, remove your mind from her, after dating her for one month she has refused to do the needful let her be.’ Taiwo advised his friend as they both sat on the couch.

‘So what do I do?’ He asked Taiwo with tears on his face.

‘Are you crying because of that? Please wipe your tears’ as he helped him clean his face with a face towel.

You know what to do nah, Kehinde be a man, sometimes you make me get upset with your attitude’ Taiwo quarreled.

What would be the advice?

To be continued.

Idada Hope
HOPE IDADA AYOMEPOSI is a native of Delta state. She is a Content Creator, Storyteller, and a Social Media Manager. She exists to help individuals discover their true self, by developing their potentials and leaving them a better person than she met them. Follow her on Instagram.